Monday, 13 February 2017

Fabulous Feb!


Yek. I'm in KK right now. Just having my second MOGTT done or in other word "minum air gula", which is the most horrible phase some of you need to get through during pregnancy. And now I'm feeling all nausea and high and urghh i hate this feeling. Anyway, my third pregnancy for my second soon to born child so far is doing good. Nausea is normal nowadays and luckily I did'nt have to go through the vomitting phase yet, for now (my vomitting phase started late in my previous pregnancy).

Zaheen on the other side has been a very good child. I think he is ready to be a big brother. Haha. Whenever he see any babies in the house he will just kiss and kiss and kiss and smiling and heeeeeeeeee and kiss again. The worst he would do to those babies is pulling their socks and run away. It's naughty, but it's cute too. My feeling towards Zaheen is really really sentimental nowadays. Perhaps because he's becoming bigger and smarter and handsomer and all better. Every night he will just cuddle me and make sure his body feel mine until he asleep. He's also completely weaning off breastfeeding by now. Well not really complete as some of the day when he's not feeling well, I kept breastfeeding him anyway.

My husband anyway lately is being all caring and romantic (well, not really but adalah up sket kan haha), which is good. And all the transition he is going through now is also good and I hope we will both be a better person from day to day insyaAllah. Just have faith that everything will be going just fine, just like what I pray for insyaAllah.

So... Why is it again a fabulous Feb? Well.... I don't know. Just be grateful for whatever things that happened, alhamdulillah. And also excited to plan for our next anniversary getaway, but blame the pregnancy hormone, I just feel LAZY to move around nowadays. I just want to stay in bed and sleep sleep sleep.

That's all the carutan(s) for today. Wish me luck for another 1 hour and 45 minutes to my next blood taking. I'm feeling dizzy already. Might sleep here as well. Bye!


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