Tuesday, 3 January 2017



Tetibe je dah 2017. How time flies... Hwahwa... Anyway, welcome 2017!!! And thanks 2016 for the lessons, experiences, etc etc. 

Sama macam tahun-tahun sebelum ni, I never had any resolution. But i think this year I might come with few resolutions. Hwa hwa.

1. To be a better wife, mommy, daughter and muslim of course.
2. To get a real steady job.
3. To always be beside my little family.
4. To teach and guide my family especially my husband to become a better person too.
5. To have a real planning to afford to own a house, my very first house.
6. To love my child and myself more than anyone else.
7. To shoot whoever come in between to ruin my beautiful little family.
(I wish shooting was legal anyway. Wuaaa...)

Anyway, update about my little Zaheen. He grew up of course. Dah big boy. Easily understand arahan simple. Knows ABC, tapi setakat C je lah haha. Senang nak minta tolong apa-apa sebab dia rajin dan suka kalau suruh buat apa-apa. Still breastfeeding, and eats a lot too. Perut buncit gila. Very active. Gigi dah 10, includes 2 geraham baru tumbuh. Rambut masih macam baby-baby. Sangat suka layan nursery rhymes lately ni. Can recognize orang very well. And last but not least, sangat-sangat-sangat manja dengan Mommy. Tido memang kena peluk je, kalau tak pun dia akan menepek dan make sure anggota badan dia rasa badan Mommy. Nak tengok tv atau buat apa-apa mesti tarik tangan Mommy ajak join skali, kecuali kalau dia tengah main benda yang dia tau Mommy marah. Haha...

Anyway anyhow, I wish everyone a happy new year 2017, and best of luck for every single thing you're doing throughout the year. 

Till then, toodles!


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