Monday, 23 May 2016

Busy Bee


Phewww. Alhamdulillah for the life You give us today ya Allah. Life has been good, lately. Slowly running a cafe which will be opened after Raya insyaAllah. Patiently learn everything I need to learn now. Meet new people, new environment and totally new experience. Well, it's good to go through this, out from sick people, lots of books and of course, less arrogant people.

After all, rezeki is not depends on your degree. You learn so hard during degree time and you hope you can live your dream, yet end up not really like you plan. Some people will say you waste your time a lot for studying things that you don't even need to use for work. But little will realize that NO knowledge is a waste. 

Let's pray everything will go just totally fine. Planning to move on to the next level of study too. But still finding out if research thingy is good for me or not. But thinking if it comes to microscope, bestnyaaaaaa! I love working with microscope. HAHA.

Anyway anyhow. The monthly husband is now killing me a bit. Just so lucky to have Zaheen along to company me all the time. 

Taktau dah nak tulis apa. Bubbye.

Zaheen's first swim experience in a real pool.

With my cheeky boys. Love you both!


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