Monday, 18 January 2016



Hrmmm. It has been 1 year and 3 months since I submitted the documents. Went to SPA to discuss anyhow, it didn't seem like I will get any place in one month time. Haish.

Should I wait for the call? Should I search for another job? Should I start my own brand and expand my business further? Should I apply for master and be a lecturer? Or maybe should I start working with my own family?

Too many things to think. Haish.

And my little Zaheen sleeps for almost 2 hours already. I wonder what time he will be going to wake up and sleep back tonight. Huaaaaa.

Jangan la ajak main tengah malam Zaheen oiii.....

Okay Bye......... (Frozen song - Do you want to build a snowman is playing)


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