Monday, 5 October 2015

Aqiqah Zaheen


Alhamdulillah. Last 25 September 2015, Pokcik and me already done aqiqah for our little FNJ, placed at my in laws house in Tanah Merah. Alhamdulilah majlis aqiqah berjalan lancar.

Menu for that event was decided by Pokcik and me. We decided to do buffet style and make some food stations so that people can choose what they want to eat. Hehe. So here are our menu for the day ; Kambing golek with blackpepper sauce and garlic bread and mushroom soup, nasi putih with gulai kambing and gulai daging, kerutuk arnab, sate ikan, and lontong.

All is done by my MIL except kambing golek. For kambing golek, we ordered from *** which last-last memang tersangat kecewa dengan service dia. The taste is really good. But their service sucks. These are the list on the menu : Kambing Golek, Blackpepper sauce, garlic bread, coleslaw and mushroom soup. BUT these are what we got : Daging kambing GRILL, blackpepper sauce, garlic bread (only 10 pieces, they cut into 2, so total of 20 garlic bread), coleslaw and mushroom soup for around 15-20 person. 

*content before deleted due to some reason*

Habis cerita emosi.


For doorgift, I really want to do something different from what I have done before, since I never get the chance to make doorgift like I always want (read : if event kat rumah aku usually there's lotttttsss of crowd so that we really need to cut budget on doorgift. Sobs). This time I decided to make some personalized things. So this is what I did ;

1. Order some personalized Yassin and sticker for tupperware. It's from First Copy. You can check out their Facebook and Instagram for very reasonable price.

2. Order mini tasbih from doorgiftmurah_ . This IG offers you the best price for mini tasbih I have found so far. But the service is kinda suck. I ordered half for Palestine design and half for standard design. End up, the ratio was 1:3. 1 for Palestine and 3 for standard design. The colour also doesn't match with what I ordered. Alasan : they short of that colour. And the tokei only tell me about that during COD. Haish.

3. Buy some mineral water from Aeon. And DIY the label using personalized sticker. For the sticker I decided to print myself to cut budget. Apparently I have one friend who just started her own business in designing. You can check out her blog and Instagram. With one shot, I decided to approved her artwork because it really is beautiful and fit my scope. The best thing, she offers the best price for designing. Seriously, if you need to design anything, you will not be disappointed choosing her.

4. Order some printed paperbag and green doiley paper from BegKertas. Really good and fast service but you need to email to order. Price is quite reasonable. Check out their blog for price.

5. Buy colourful paperclip from Mydin. This is the final stage of decorating my deco bag. Alhamdulillah. All is well.

So, that is all about doorgift. 

For Zaheen's outfit, I bought emerald green baju melayu rompers from Rompers BAJU Melayu on Facebook. Which at the end Zaheen pooped in that shirt, hence, no Zaheen's single picture in that rompers. HAHAHA. Anyway, you can click the link to check them out. 

For my outfit, I bought personalized abaya from Nawwar Customized Abaya. She is one of Abaya' SIFU agent. Her service is very good and she's very nice too in treating customers. One thing I like to buy from her because she always do sales and discounts. So, it's far way cheaper than when you order yourself in Abaya's SIFU's website or any other agent.

For Pokcik's, he bought this one Kurta near NSK Wangsa Maju. It turns out that kurta is cheaper than kurta yang dijual online. Design sejibik sama. HAHA.

So tu je cerita for Zaheen's Aqiqah. Jom layan pic pulak. He he... :)

Big Boss potong daging lembu.

Potong kambing secara berjemaah.
My in laws busy preparing.
Sebelum solat hajat.
Solat hajat berjemaah.


Zaheen good boy. Behave je along the event.

My ayah, AbangKim and Cakinah.

The crowd. 

Orang kuat bakar sate ikan.

Pakat tunggu sate ikan.

OMG I'm so big. And pale. Sigh.

Reuse stand during my akad nikah and DIY canvas print.

DIY mineral water.


Kambing Grill.

Double Celebration. Aiman's birthday.

With nephews and nieces.

Thanks untuk semua yang terlibat. :)


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  1. awakkkk! tq taw. hee. nanti nak pinjam gambar boleh? :D
    semua dah okey dah cun dah sekali tang kambing golek tu pulak buat hal. hmmm. kite yang baca ni pun rasa berapi dah.


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