Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Look Fabulous with TUDUNG SATIN !


Hello September! HAHA. Been a while since my last post.

Anyway guys, today I would like to share with you something interesting. You guys might want to read this as I feel this is the right time for you to get ready for Aidil Adha preparation. Hihi.

I am sure some of you dah ready baju liplap merelip bagai nak pi beraya kan. Ok la, if not beraya pun, dah ready baju to join any sembelih punya event kan? Haha. So, today I would like to suggest you this sweet tudung pulak to match up with your baju during raya nanti.

Have you ever heard of Tudung Satin? Ok, for sure pernah la kan. Some people actually avoid wearing tudung satin because of its soft slippery material, but regardless that, I think the material can definitely epitomize the meaning of elegance. Cewwah gitu. But then, if you haven’t heard of this, maybe it’s time for you to do some makeover. Perhaps from being a selekehista to cool hijabista with tudung satin. Hoho, amacam bunyinya? So baru lah after this you can fit in all those hijabistas kan. He he.

OK la. So today I nak cerita sikit to you guys about tudung satin. There are three wonderful types of tudung satin you can choose from :

1. Satin Plain

Ok. The first one is satin plain. These are suitable for the ladies who prefer to wear something simple but look elegance and luxury. The plain satin tudung ni sangat perfect untuk korang match kan with any outfit such as a blouse, dress, jubah or even traditional wears such as baju kurung and baju kebaya. You can choose from the variety of colours available and pick the ones which can suit your attire and represent your style well. Tak kisah la you guys nak match kan what colour and what corak pun, as long as it looks nice and tak nampak macam pokok bergerak, I think it would be great. Easy right?

2. Satin Prints

Allright. If you are someone who loves wearing plain clothes from top toe, you might want to have this kind of satin prints tudung. There are lots of designs available in the market. Ada yang bunga-bunga kecil la, besar la, corak segitiga la, kotak-kotak la and banyak lagi pattern. All you need to do is just to choose and wear, and tadaaaaaa, the printed satin tudung will help you make a statement every time stepping out and make you look absolutely fabulous!

3. Inner Satin

Ok guys. We have plain satin, printed satin, so what if you still don’t like and still want to wear other types of tudung? The answer is Inner Satin! Be it plain or printed cotton, lycra or even chiffon shawl, you can always mix and match your shawl with inner satin. You still can look stylish by using these stunning inner satin. To make it more gorgeous, try to use different colours of shawl and inner satin for a contrast look. This look is just perfect if you want to go to any dinner parties or formal events. Personally, I think this is very much suitable and glamorous to wear on this upcoming Raya Haji. Hehehe.

So tiga ni adalah types of various designs you can select from satin material. Nice right? 
So........... Amacam? What say you now? Tunggu apa lagi ladies? Go and grab your Tudung Satin now!!!

This is me wearing plain silver tudung satin and I match it up with orange baju kurung with silver lining. 

Do I look nice? 



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  1. nice nice! hehhee
    tapi kite rase pesen muke kite ni tak bape seswai laa kalau pakai satin. takut bergerak-gerak nanti. huhu


thank you very muchooo!

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