Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Son and Pokcik


You know. I just loveeeee my son. And I think Pokcik is a lil abandoned by me. HAHAHA.
I'm sorry Pokcik. Hahahaha...

Going back to be with Pokcik tomorrow. MIL and FIL is coming to help Pokcik taking care of lil Z while I'm away from 8AM-7PM for 3 days. I hope lil Z behave well with them. Jangan ngamuk-ngamuk macam lately ni dah la ye budak botak.

Okay budak botak dah bangun. Bye bye.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015



WOW, August already!!! HAHAHA...

Cepat gila masa berjalan. Haiyo. Currently still waiting for the letter. And meanwhile, getting ready for everything. Take a course to prepare myself mentally and physically for that moment. 2 years gonna be a stressful one. Let's hope I will do it well.

Little Z is now getting heavier everyday. Dah boleh main agah2. And yeah, budak kecik ni baru bangun. So, bye bye.

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