Monday, 29 June 2015

Ramadhan 1436


It's Ramadhan!!! Alhamdulillah, setakat ni dah berjaya menamatkan 11 hari puasa. Means, got another 18 days untuk ganti puasa. Well, it seems like not today pun I'm going to deliver my baby. So, minus 1, equal to 17days la. Hew3. 39 weeks already today, but so far, baby masih setia bergolek-golek dalam perut lagi. I know it's soooo cozy in there, that's why dia sukaaaaaa sangat duduk dalam perut mommy dia. Hew3.

Another thing from my pregnancy story is, I lost my precious niece ever, Zarifa on 2nd Ramadhan. I don't really write about Zarifa before (in fact most of my nephews and nieces since the number became bigger and I don't really update my blog daily or weekly like I used to do when I still a student). However, I did mention about Zarifa here.

For those who don't know, Zarifa is my very special niece. She suffered from Trisomy 18 or also known as Edward Syndrome since the day she was born. She met Allah on 2nd Ramadhan 1436 after almost 2 years and 4 months ++ living in this beautiful world with her lovely family. She also has been in and out from the hospital few times since the day she was born due to her unstable condition.

Zarifa passed away in Columbia Asia Hospital Kota Kemuning, after few days admitted there. Previously, Zarifa dah kena admit kat Pantai Hospital Bangsar for about 10 days due to lung infection. I was at Terengganu recently, waiting my time to deliver. It was around 11. 50 pm when I received a call from my sister telling me that Zarifa passed away.

It's really shocking to hear the news and I immediately went to my ayah's room and tell him. We decided to go to Shah Alam after sahur, due to some reason. Me, my husband, ayah, Abgkim, Sakinah and my sister, Azie went to Shah Alam on 3rd Ramadhan, right after Subuh prayer, using 2 cars. Arrived there at 10. 30 AM, and at that time, people already gathered for Solat Jenazah. After settled, I went in to give my last kiss to my little angel, Zarifa. This time I really couldn't hold my tears. But watching her face, made me feel really, really relieved. Very calm, relax, like she was really in deep sleep (well, she is). I bet she must be really enjoying the time she sleep now. No more difficulty for her to breathe, no more sweat on her head, no more bloated tummy for her, no more acid reflux from her tummy, and the most importantly, no more pain for her now. 

And Thanks Allah for giving me chance to take care of her for few months before. I may not be the best nanny she could ever had, but the joy of babysitting her was the best I had so far. I miss her smile, geleng-geleng kepala, silang kaki and that lambaian satu malaysia hand. Although there were times when I could not see her suffering, especially when she's crying. I poked many babies before, but when I saw those nurses did the same to her, it is just a thing I cannot bear to see.

Hrmmmm. It's heartbreaking to see her passed away, but it's more heartbreaking to watch her suffering when she's alive. Now her pain has gone, I believed, Zarifa is now in a good hand of Allah. She must be happy to play in paradise. 

After all, Zarifa's parents had take a really, really good care of her when she was alive. I really salute my brother AbgMin and my sister in law, Kak Ezri for this. I might couldn't do the same if I was in their situation. I pray for Allah to give my brother and sister all the strength they need at time like this, insyaAllah. And one thing for sure, Zarifa will wait at the gate of Jannah to bring her parents inside, that is what Allah has promised when you take a good care of a special child. :)


In memory of 
Nur Wafiatul Zarifa binti Abdul Muhaimin

7 February 2013 - 19 June 2015 

Al - Fatihah

That beautiful smile... :(

Zarifa and her sibling...

So happy...

Zarifa's pipi pau... Comel yang amat. Masa ni 6 months ++ kot...

2 years ++

During CikAna's engagement, August 2013.

During CikAna's solemnization, March 2014

Zarifa and family, first and last vacation in Langkawi, 2015.

This was taken masa CikAna babysit Jippa. I tested her grip skill, and she gave me that response.

Rest well Zarifa.
CikAna, Daddy Joey and baby love you very much.
Till we meet again sayang. :(


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