Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Bye bye 2015


Hai! Hari ni dah 30 December 2015. This is probably my last post for 2015! Susah nak update lately pasal ada budak kecik yang asyik dok menjerit kat sebelah ni sebab tak berjaya dapat laptop mommy dia.

Alhamdulilah my little son is going to be 6 months in a few days. Basically dia dah 24 weeks++ and today marks his first date with solid food. Haha. Comel sebab sibuk tengok orang lain makan sambil buat mulut mengunyap. Disebabkan mommy tak sabar, actually Zaheen dah start solid food 3 days ago. So today is the fourth day he eat. Setakat ni baru bagi Heinz punya puree pear and sunrise banana tu. Later will buy some bahan mentah untuk cook the meal for him insyaAllah.

Oh yes, Zaheen also now can meniarap, berguling, mengesot laju gila and recently started to angkat bontot and stay for a while. InsyaAllah tak lama merangkak la tu. Sekarang ni manja yang amat masyaAllah. Tido nak kena peluk, bangun cari mommy dulu kena kiss kiss dulu haish anak teruna sorang ni geram betoi comei sangat HAHAHA. Selain tu, Zaheen juga sangatlah suka kalau mommy dia geletek and gomol. Kalau daddy die buat camtu, dia rimas pasal muka daddy dia tajam bekas cukur jambang HAHAHA.


My little man.

Tido nganga-nganga...

The sweetest smile... melting!

Happy little boy!


Monday, 5 October 2015

Aqiqah Zaheen


Alhamdulillah. Last 25 September 2015, Pokcik and me already done aqiqah for our little FNJ, placed at my in laws house in Tanah Merah. Alhamdulilah majlis aqiqah berjalan lancar.

Menu for that event was decided by Pokcik and me. We decided to do buffet style and make some food stations so that people can choose what they want to eat. Hehe. So here are our menu for the day ; Kambing golek with blackpepper sauce and garlic bread and mushroom soup, nasi putih with gulai kambing and gulai daging, kerutuk arnab, sate ikan, and lontong.

All is done by my MIL except kambing golek. For kambing golek, we ordered from *** which last-last memang tersangat kecewa dengan service dia. The taste is really good. But their service sucks. These are the list on the menu : Kambing Golek, Blackpepper sauce, garlic bread, coleslaw and mushroom soup. BUT these are what we got : Daging kambing GRILL, blackpepper sauce, garlic bread (only 10 pieces, they cut into 2, so total of 20 garlic bread), coleslaw and mushroom soup for around 15-20 person. 

*content before deleted due to some reason*

Habis cerita emosi.


For doorgift, I really want to do something different from what I have done before, since I never get the chance to make doorgift like I always want (read : if event kat rumah aku usually there's lotttttsss of crowd so that we really need to cut budget on doorgift. Sobs). This time I decided to make some personalized things. So this is what I did ;

1. Order some personalized Yassin and sticker for tupperware. It's from First Copy. You can check out their Facebook and Instagram for very reasonable price.

2. Order mini tasbih from doorgiftmurah_ . This IG offers you the best price for mini tasbih I have found so far. But the service is kinda suck. I ordered half for Palestine design and half for standard design. End up, the ratio was 1:3. 1 for Palestine and 3 for standard design. The colour also doesn't match with what I ordered. Alasan : they short of that colour. And the tokei only tell me about that during COD. Haish.

3. Buy some mineral water from Aeon. And DIY the label using personalized sticker. For the sticker I decided to print myself to cut budget. Apparently I have one friend who just started her own business in designing. You can check out her blog and Instagram. With one shot, I decided to approved her artwork because it really is beautiful and fit my scope. The best thing, she offers the best price for designing. Seriously, if you need to design anything, you will not be disappointed choosing her.

4. Order some printed paperbag and green doiley paper from BegKertas. Really good and fast service but you need to email to order. Price is quite reasonable. Check out their blog for price.

5. Buy colourful paperclip from Mydin. This is the final stage of decorating my deco bag. Alhamdulillah. All is well.

So, that is all about doorgift. 

For Zaheen's outfit, I bought emerald green baju melayu rompers from Rompers BAJU Melayu on Facebook. Which at the end Zaheen pooped in that shirt, hence, no Zaheen's single picture in that rompers. HAHAHA. Anyway, you can click the link to check them out. 

For my outfit, I bought personalized abaya from Nawwar Customized Abaya. She is one of Abaya' SIFU agent. Her service is very good and she's very nice too in treating customers. One thing I like to buy from her because she always do sales and discounts. So, it's far way cheaper than when you order yourself in Abaya's SIFU's website or any other agent.

For Pokcik's, he bought this one Kurta near NSK Wangsa Maju. It turns out that kurta is cheaper than kurta yang dijual online. Design sejibik sama. HAHA.

So tu je cerita for Zaheen's Aqiqah. Jom layan pic pulak. He he... :)

Big Boss potong daging lembu.

Potong kambing secara berjemaah.
My in laws busy preparing.
Sebelum solat hajat.
Solat hajat berjemaah.


Zaheen good boy. Behave je along the event.

My ayah, AbangKim and Cakinah.

The crowd. 

Orang kuat bakar sate ikan.

Pakat tunggu sate ikan.

OMG I'm so big. And pale. Sigh.

Reuse stand during my akad nikah and DIY canvas print.

DIY mineral water.


Kambing Grill.

Double Celebration. Aiman's birthday.

With nephews and nieces.

Thanks untuk semua yang terlibat. :)


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Look Fabulous with TUDUNG SATIN !


Hello September! HAHA. Been a while since my last post.

Anyway guys, today I would like to share with you something interesting. You guys might want to read this as I feel this is the right time for you to get ready for Aidil Adha preparation. Hihi.

I am sure some of you dah ready baju liplap merelip bagai nak pi beraya kan. Ok la, if not beraya pun, dah ready baju to join any sembelih punya event kan? Haha. So, today I would like to suggest you this sweet tudung pulak to match up with your baju during raya nanti.

Have you ever heard of Tudung Satin? Ok, for sure pernah la kan. Some people actually avoid wearing tudung satin because of its soft slippery material, but regardless that, I think the material can definitely epitomize the meaning of elegance. Cewwah gitu. But then, if you haven’t heard of this, maybe it’s time for you to do some makeover. Perhaps from being a selekehista to cool hijabista with tudung satin. Hoho, amacam bunyinya? So baru lah after this you can fit in all those hijabistas kan. He he.

OK la. So today I nak cerita sikit to you guys about tudung satin. There are three wonderful types of tudung satin you can choose from :

1. Satin Plain

Ok. The first one is satin plain. These are suitable for the ladies who prefer to wear something simple but look elegance and luxury. The plain satin tudung ni sangat perfect untuk korang match kan with any outfit such as a blouse, dress, jubah or even traditional wears such as baju kurung and baju kebaya. You can choose from the variety of colours available and pick the ones which can suit your attire and represent your style well. Tak kisah la you guys nak match kan what colour and what corak pun, as long as it looks nice and tak nampak macam pokok bergerak, I think it would be great. Easy right?

2. Satin Prints

Allright. If you are someone who loves wearing plain clothes from top toe, you might want to have this kind of satin prints tudung. There are lots of designs available in the market. Ada yang bunga-bunga kecil la, besar la, corak segitiga la, kotak-kotak la and banyak lagi pattern. All you need to do is just to choose and wear, and tadaaaaaa, the printed satin tudung will help you make a statement every time stepping out and make you look absolutely fabulous!

3. Inner Satin

Ok guys. We have plain satin, printed satin, so what if you still don’t like and still want to wear other types of tudung? The answer is Inner Satin! Be it plain or printed cotton, lycra or even chiffon shawl, you can always mix and match your shawl with inner satin. You still can look stylish by using these stunning inner satin. To make it more gorgeous, try to use different colours of shawl and inner satin for a contrast look. This look is just perfect if you want to go to any dinner parties or formal events. Personally, I think this is very much suitable and glamorous to wear on this upcoming Raya Haji. Hehehe.

So tiga ni adalah types of various designs you can select from satin material. Nice right? 
So........... Amacam? What say you now? Tunggu apa lagi ladies? Go and grab your Tudung Satin now!!!

This is me wearing plain silver tudung satin and I match it up with orange baju kurung with silver lining. 

Do I look nice? 



Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Son and Pokcik


You know. I just loveeeee my son. And I think Pokcik is a lil abandoned by me. HAHAHA.
I'm sorry Pokcik. Hahahaha...

Going back to be with Pokcik tomorrow. MIL and FIL is coming to help Pokcik taking care of lil Z while I'm away from 8AM-7PM for 3 days. I hope lil Z behave well with them. Jangan ngamuk-ngamuk macam lately ni dah la ye budak botak.

Okay budak botak dah bangun. Bye bye.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015



WOW, August already!!! HAHAHA...

Cepat gila masa berjalan. Haiyo. Currently still waiting for the letter. And meanwhile, getting ready for everything. Take a course to prepare myself mentally and physically for that moment. 2 years gonna be a stressful one. Let's hope I will do it well.

Little Z is now getting heavier everyday. Dah boleh main agah2. And yeah, budak kecik ni baru bangun. So, bye bye.


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Syawal 1436


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri semua! Maaf Zahir Batin!

Sorry for lack of update. Too busy with my confinement period and of course, handling my baby! Hehehe. 

Alhamdulillah, all went well. My baby finally out from my tummy. Me myself and my baby alhamdulillah sihat walafiat. Thank You Allah. On Friday, 3rd July 2015, 7. 25 AM, 16 Ramadhan 1436H, I safely delivered a baby boy, weight at 3. 07kg. Kebetulan sangat kan, 03 07 15, 03 07kg. Haha.

Actually been admitted since 2nd July morning lagi. Tapi biasa lah anak first memang take a bit time sikit nak keluar compared to anak-anak seterusnya. Alhamdulillah dipermudahkan Allah, baby berjaya keluar secara normal SVD, setelah bergelut dengan contraction yang sakit macam hape. Haha. Tobat insap jap sebab sakit gila rasa macam gila la boleh mati aku sakit camni. So, lesson learnt, dengar cakap mak especially, sebab mak nak beranakkan kita bukan senang. True story. Hew3.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah too Pokcik was there all the time to support me in labour room, walaupun masa nak kuarkan placenta dia dah start pening pasal bau darah. HAHA. Alhamdulillah too, he has been very helpful during my confinement period. Cewwah. Cakap macam dah habis pantang ja. Padahal... baru 23 hari. Ada separuh lagi nak kena hadap. HAHA...

So, sekarang ni kerja saya adalah obses dengan kecomelan anak, salin pampers, menyusu anak, bagi tido anak, urut perut and kaki anak (sebab budak kecik ni selalu masuk angin), dan tidak lupa juga, menjaga diri sendiri selepas penat beranak. HAHA... Harap-harap dipermudahkan segala urusan.

Awal-awal masa beranak tu, 2 minggu pertama, sempat jugak merasa post natal depression syndrome. Which for me, aku rasa agak bahaya la kalau sesiapa kena. Kena ada support and good back up. It can happen to anyone. Alhamdulillah, mine was in a short period only. And very slightly, just rasa macam homesick, stressful, and a bit of sad. It was hormone punya things and sometimes you just cannot avoid it. Ye lah, tetiba you don't get enough of sleep, and you will feel all the burden on you sebab anak tu nyawa yang kita kena jaga, and then ada juga rasa stress because sakit like everywhere. Sakit kat tempat jahit, sakit kat nipple because you just start breasfeed people kan so of course it will take time and hurt too berdarah bagai, kesian anak jadi dracula HAHA. Anyway, with good support system, good spiritually belief, insyaAllah it will gradually be just fine. :)

Anyway, me and Pokcik decided to name our baby boy as Muhammad Zaheen. Zaheen means intelligent, brilliant. May Allah bless us all, and may Zaheen be anak yang soleh insyaAllah.

Our little FNJ on day 3 of life. Muhammad Zaheen.


Monday, 29 June 2015

Ramadhan 1436


It's Ramadhan!!! Alhamdulillah, setakat ni dah berjaya menamatkan 11 hari puasa. Means, got another 18 days untuk ganti puasa. Well, it seems like not today pun I'm going to deliver my baby. So, minus 1, equal to 17days la. Hew3. 39 weeks already today, but so far, baby masih setia bergolek-golek dalam perut lagi. I know it's soooo cozy in there, that's why dia sukaaaaaa sangat duduk dalam perut mommy dia. Hew3.

Another thing from my pregnancy story is, I lost my precious niece ever, Zarifa on 2nd Ramadhan. I don't really write about Zarifa before (in fact most of my nephews and nieces since the number became bigger and I don't really update my blog daily or weekly like I used to do when I still a student). However, I did mention about Zarifa here.

For those who don't know, Zarifa is my very special niece. She suffered from Trisomy 18 or also known as Edward Syndrome since the day she was born. She met Allah on 2nd Ramadhan 1436 after almost 2 years and 4 months ++ living in this beautiful world with her lovely family. She also has been in and out from the hospital few times since the day she was born due to her unstable condition.

Zarifa passed away in Columbia Asia Hospital Kota Kemuning, after few days admitted there. Previously, Zarifa dah kena admit kat Pantai Hospital Bangsar for about 10 days due to lung infection. I was at Terengganu recently, waiting my time to deliver. It was around 11. 50 pm when I received a call from my sister telling me that Zarifa passed away.

It's really shocking to hear the news and I immediately went to my ayah's room and tell him. We decided to go to Shah Alam after sahur, due to some reason. Me, my husband, ayah, Abgkim, Sakinah and my sister, Azie went to Shah Alam on 3rd Ramadhan, right after Subuh prayer, using 2 cars. Arrived there at 10. 30 AM, and at that time, people already gathered for Solat Jenazah. After settled, I went in to give my last kiss to my little angel, Zarifa. This time I really couldn't hold my tears. But watching her face, made me feel really, really relieved. Very calm, relax, like she was really in deep sleep (well, she is). I bet she must be really enjoying the time she sleep now. No more difficulty for her to breathe, no more sweat on her head, no more bloated tummy for her, no more acid reflux from her tummy, and the most importantly, no more pain for her now. 

And Thanks Allah for giving me chance to take care of her for few months before. I may not be the best nanny she could ever had, but the joy of babysitting her was the best I had so far. I miss her smile, geleng-geleng kepala, silang kaki and that lambaian satu malaysia hand. Although there were times when I could not see her suffering, especially when she's crying. I poked many babies before, but when I saw those nurses did the same to her, it is just a thing I cannot bear to see.

Hrmmmm. It's heartbreaking to see her passed away, but it's more heartbreaking to watch her suffering when she's alive. Now her pain has gone, I believed, Zarifa is now in a good hand of Allah. She must be happy to play in paradise. 

After all, Zarifa's parents had take a really, really good care of her when she was alive. I really salute my brother AbgMin and my sister in law, Kak Ezri for this. I might couldn't do the same if I was in their situation. I pray for Allah to give my brother and sister all the strength they need at time like this, insyaAllah. And one thing for sure, Zarifa will wait at the gate of Jannah to bring her parents inside, that is what Allah has promised when you take a good care of a special child. :)


In memory of 
Nur Wafiatul Zarifa binti Abdul Muhaimin

7 February 2013 - 19 June 2015 

Al - Fatihah

That beautiful smile... :(

Zarifa and her sibling...

So happy...

Zarifa's pipi pau... Comel yang amat. Masa ni 6 months ++ kot...

2 years ++

During CikAna's engagement, August 2013.

During CikAna's solemnization, March 2014

Zarifa and family, first and last vacation in Langkawi, 2015.

This was taken masa CikAna babysit Jippa. I tested her grip skill, and she gave me that response.

Rest well Zarifa.
CikAna, Daddy Joey and baby love you very much.
Till we meet again sayang. :(


Thursday, 4 June 2015

It's June!


Kui3. Sebulan lebih tidak mengupdate. Pasalnya.......... Takde pasal. Isunya aku malas jer. Hew3.

June dah wei!!! Tak lama nak puasa. Then, beranak! Now dah nak masuk 36 weeks pregnant. Sikit lagi nak terberanak. Tak sabar pun ada tunggu baby kuar haha. Tapi tak mampu nak bayangkan rasa sakit nak beranak. So, sila la tak payah nak tak sabar tak sabar sangat. Hew3.

Tengah dok berharap baby kuar around 37 weeks ++. Pasal aku dah semput gila dah sekarang. Duduk diam-diam pun boleh datang semput. Adoi. Semalam check up alhamdulillah semua ok. Baby besar ni aku rasa. 2 kilo kot bertambah since last 2 weeks. Sebelum ni graf cantik je ikut pertambahan berat mingguan. This time selamat la. Balik kampung punya pasal. Nasi pun makan 3 kali sehari. Kalau tak, aku duduk rumah sorang-sorang, 2 kali sehari je makan nasi. Breakfast memang jarang-jarang. Kalau rasa lapar pun makan biscuit and minum air ja. Haha. Sekali balik kampung 4 hari, hamek kau 2 kilo tambah. Aiyo... Tapi still syukur sebab berat badan baru naik 6. 5 kg dari pregnancy weight. Harap-harap tak la bertambah drastik nak hujung-hujung ni. Hehe...

Anyway anyhow sekarang masih sibuk mencari nama. Bag baby, bag mommy semua dah siap. Tinggal rasa nak terberanak jer then kita lari pi spital. Hew2. Baju-baju pun semua dah siap. Walaupun aku rasa baju macam tak cukup ja. HAHAHA...

Doakan aku dan baby selamat ya. Semoga dipermudahkan bersalin nanti. Semoga takde komplikasi apa-apa. Harap-harap OK semua insyaAllah.

Next entry aku might be update about antivaxx and homebirth. Al maklum tak lama dah start nak kerja balik, maka, perlulah lebih mengupdate bukan sahaja hal-hal teori buku, malah update hal-hal situasi perubatan semasa. Hew3 ayat skema.

Okay bai.


Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Red Book


Hai allz. Hari ni saje jer rajin nak bercerita pasal The Red Book or some of us called it The Pink Book. However, this is not that "Red Book" Red Book. If you understand what I mean. If you don't, let me explain. 

The Red Book I meant is Buku Merah yang perlu dibuka oleh sesiapa yang pregnant dan berhajat untuk melakukan check-up di mana-mana klinik kerajaan. Maksudnya bukan la "buku merah jangan lupa bawa moga-moga belum tamat tempoh" a.k.a passport tu.

Ok. Seingat aku, apa yang aku terbaca kat papan kenyataan kat klinik hari tu, depa tulis kita boleh start buka buku pink tu seawal 6 minggu kehamilan. Seingat aku la. Tapi as long as kita dah confirm our pregnancy, then boleh la pergi buka buku merah. Syarat untuk buka buku merah kat klinik kerajaan ni adalah, alamat korang tinggal tu mestilah dalam area yang klinik kesihatan atau klinik desa tu cover. So, kalau nak tau cover ke tak, better call dulu klinik-klinik kerajaan yang terdekat untuk confirm. 

So, apa yang korang perlu buat adalah first, call dulu klinik kerajaan tersebut. Buat appointment untuk buka buku. Nanti depa akan bagitau apa yang kena bawa. Kalau aku, aku pi je sana terus dan buat appointment. Lagi cepat sebab korang tau-tau jer la kalau bab-bab call ni, seratus kali call baru nak angkat. Haish. Tapi if korang takde masa atau kenderaan, boleh call je. Kalau korang main terjah jer tanpa buat appointment, ikut nasib korang la. Ada 3 kemungkinan boleh jadi. Satu, giliran korang hujung-hujung atau paling last sekali. Dua, korang disuruh balik dan datang hari lain lepas nurse bagi appointment. Tiga, nasib korang baik, takyah tunggu pape, terus kena panggil dan buka buku. Yang ketiga tu macam paling jarang terjadi la. Hahaha...

Okay. So apa yang perlu korang bawa untuk buka merah adalah :

1. Salinan Kad Pengenalan diri sendiri.
2. Salinan Kad Pengenalan suami.
3. Salinan sijil nikah.
4. Bil elektrik atau bil astro rumah yang kita tinggal sekarang sebagai bukti.

Bawa jer semua tu. Kalau appointment pagi, sila la datang awal. Klinik kerajaan usually buka jam 8.00 AM. Tapi start ambil nombor around 7. 35AM - 7. 40AM. Dan kat klinik aku selalu pi, usually orang start beratur seawal jam 7. 00AM lagi. Aku biasa sampai untuk check up jam 7. 20 AM pun kadang-kadang dapat giliran nombor 7 atau 8 camtu. Oh ye, untuk beratur, akan ada dua line biasanya. Satu untuk check up biasa, satu untuk check up ibu dan anak (KKIA). So, beratur la kat line yang ada ibu mengandung atau ibu dan bapak yang dok pegang baby. Jangan tersalah sebab satlagi sampai depan, depa suruh beratur dari awal balik. Haish.

4 benda yang korang kena bawa tadi, korang kena bagi masa nak amek nombor kat kaunter. Lepas amek nombor, korang pi la duduk kat situ and tunggu sat. Nanti depa akan panggil balik nama untuk bagi urine bottle + lab form. So nanti dah dapat urine bottle and lab form, terus pi toilet dan pee. Kalau kat klinik aku pi tu senang, lab die connected dengan toilet. So after pee, terus letak bottle tu and lab form tu kat kaunter dalam toilet tu.

After that, tunggu la number korang kena panggil masuk bilik yang pertama. Bilik pertama ni, korang akan kena timbang berat, ukur tinggi, blood pressure, hemoglobin test dan kena interview sikit. Sila ingat ya mak ayah ada sakit apa-apa tak terutamanya ada kencing manis ke tak, darah tinggi, jantung etc. Sila ingat hari pertama last period korang bila so senang nurse nak buat calculation EDD. Lepas tu korang akan dapat buku pink tu dan disuruh letak kat depan bilik kedua. 

Sekali lagi, tunggu nombor korang dipanggil. Kat bilik kedua ni, basically nurse akan tanya pasal current condition. Then, nurse akan suruh baring dan check perut and breast. Kalau dah beberapa bulan, nurse akan check heart beat terus. Habis check, nurse suruh duduk jap sementara die dok menulis kat buku pink tu. Kalau belum amek result urine test tadi, nurse suruh pi ambil sat. Tapi kalau masa tunggu turn korang tu lama sangat, pi je amek dulu result tu kat lab. Takyah buang masa ye tak. Then nurse akan tanya la korang currently ada makan apa-apa vitamin tak. Usually nurse akan keep on giving vitamin. Tengok orang la. Kes aku, aku makan obimin and vitamin c sahaja. So memang jimat duit pasal tiap-tiap bulan dapat free ja ubat. Hahaha... 

Kat bilik kedua ni jugak nurse akan bagi form and FBC bottle. Bottle kecik isi darah la senang cerita. Korang kena pi kat satu bilik ni then terus amek darah. Darah ni takyah hantar kat lab sebab nanti nurse hantarkan. Next time punya visit, baru tau result. Dah habis ambil darah, masuk balik bilik kedua tadi dan collect buku pink and masa ni jugak nurse akan bagi tarikh untuk next appointment. Nurse akan suruh pi letak buku kat bilik ketiga pulak. Bilik ketiga ni untuk jumpa dengan doktor. First check up, memang kena jumpa ngan doktor. Kejap jer. Doktor just tanya-tanya sikit then there you go, settle! Baik aku consult ngan diri sendiri jer. Haha...

My Red Book...

Overall, nak bukak buku merah kat KK yang aku pi ni hanya memakan masa satu jam suku sahaja termasuk la waiting time. Waiting time tu aku maksudkan dari aku beratur kat luar pintu KK tu jam 7. 20AM. Ok la kan. Kalau pi swasta pun lagi lama. Aku teman kakak aku pi check up ada la 2 jam jugak menunggunya. Hew3. Tapi sebab berbayar, so takde la mulut-mulut sumbang nak bising kan. Kah3.

Back of The Red Book.

And yes, untuk ibu mengandung dan warga emas, KK memang tak amek satu sen pun charge. Kalau normal people, kena bayar RM 1. Ubat semua free. Best kan? Dari segi menunggu ni, KK ni simple je, korang pi awal, cepat la procedure korang. Korang datang lambat, lambat la procedure korang. Sama la macam swasta kan. Tapi swasta ni orang tak bising sebab depa bayar dan tempat menunggu selesa. Tapi KK aku pi ni pun selesa je. Aircond bagai. Seat pun banyak. Hahaha... Cuma ye la, kalau pi swasta konpem-konpem la doktor pakar yang check. Kat KK ni, nurse yang usually conduct pregnant women. Unless korang ada masalah apa-apa, depa refer doktor. Kalau masalah lagi besar, doktor akan refer pakar. Itu standard procedure. Kalau pi swasta lain cerita, korang bayar banyak dan terus boleh pilih pi jumpa pakar terus, unless emergency case dan korang pi ED swasta, then MO yang akan incharge. Same procedure, depa akan refer pakar jugak if ada apa-apa problem.

Oh, satu lagi. Sepanjang aku check up kat KK, tak pernah sekali pun doktor scan. Sebenarnya boleh request. Tapi sebab aku decide nak pi scan kat swasta sekali sekala, so takde la aku request scan kat KK. Swasta tu means aku pi klinik yang memang ada pakar O&G just untuk scan. Klinik ye, bukan hospital. So, atleast ada juga opinion dari pakar kan. Tapi sekali tu je aku pi. Lepas tu aku scan kat klinik biasa sekali. Then masa 22 weeks kot, aku pi buat 2D detailed scan dengan sonographer. 2D detailed scan ni tak semua tempat boleh buat. So, kena pandai-pandai la cari tempat. 2D detailed scan ni jugak hanya boleh dibuat masa umur pregnancy 19 to 24 weeks. Sebab masa ni size baby just nice untuk tengok dari hujung ke hujung. Pasal 2D detailed scan ni later kalau rajin aku blog. He he he...

Oh ye, kalau nak pi buka buku check up kat swasta pon boleh, tapi rasanya tak susah sangat pun kot. Dari segi kos, aku survey ada klinik/hospital yang amek RM 90++ every month, ada yang RM 120 every month. Tapi basically untuk first appointment, harga mahal sikit. Ada yang RM 190, ada yang RM 200++. Semua depends on hospital la. Of course dengan harga tu, korang akan dapat khidmat doktor pakar, everytime pi check up boleh scan baby, harga dah termasuk ubat sekali, urine test, blood test dan lain-lain. Which ever it is, the choice is in your hand.

So, itu sahaja bebelan panjang untuk kali ni. Harap dapat memberi pencerahan kepada sesiapa yang takde idea pasal ni. Sila la buka buku merah awal untuk pemeriksaan lebih awal. Hew hew hew.

Till then, toddle!


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Anniversary Dinner


Wahahaha. Tajuk mau gempak saja. Tetibe.

Hari Sabtu hari tu, aku dan Pokcik rasa macam nak makan Ikan Bakar. Well, actually aku yang rasa nak makan ikan bakar. Memandangkan aku sejak-sejak pregnant ni tak merapu meraban sangat mengidam itu dan ini, maka, once bila aku bagitau Pokcik nak makan mana, dia akan serta merta ON jer with the plan. So far, aku tak mintak pelik-pelik pun. Kalau rasa nak makan manis, pandai-pandai la beli bahan sendiri kat pasar, then buat. Hari tu terasa nak makan benda manis, dok menggoogle, jumpa pulak pic Caramel Puding. Tung tang kat dapur tadaaa. Siap. Aku buat agak banyak. End up Pokcik tak makan pun. Aku yang perabih. Dia part-part makan benda-benda manis ni memang kureng sikit. Pastu kekadang selera aku lebih ke arah western. Rasa nak lamb chop la, chicken grill la, suka ati aku je. The good thing is, kedai belakang rumah ni pun ada jual dengan harga yang murah. So, biasanya Pokcik ON aje. Cuma yang belum ON, bila aku ajak pi Surabaya sebab nak pi makan Bakso, Penyet Nganjuk, Leko, Batagor, Pempek. Maka, memang tak la Pokcik nak melayan kan. Lagipun, itu bukan ngidam sangat pun. Sebab sebelum preganant pun selalu rasa nak pi sana untuk makan. HAHAHA...

Anyway, berbalik kepada cerita ikan bakar. Aku dan Pokcik dah lama memerhati satu restoran ni. Kalau otw balik ganu ke, selalu nampak signboard Ikan Bakar Petai Golek-Golek tepi jalan MRR2. Tapi mampu perhati jer la, dengan harapan satu hari nanti dapat try makan situ. So, hari Sabtu hari tu, aku pun ajak Pokcik pi makan situ. Pokcik pun ON. Sampai-sampai jer, memang hujan yang melampau-lampau lebatnya. Kuyup jugakla walaupun berpayung. Sampai-sampai tengok banyak tempat duduk yang dah full. Yang ada cumalah bawah rumah jer. Tapi ok la bawah rumah pun, memang depa set kan meja makan bawah tu. Cumanya disebabkan hujan, seat yang open air tak bleh la nak duduk. Tapi aku sangat suka suasana kat situ. Tempat dia macam a bit atas bukit. Buat pulak hujan masa tu, so memang best je sejuknya.

Disebabkan kiteorang banyak berjimat sebab taklama lagi aku dah nak beranak, maka, bajet memang ciput untuk sambut anniversary. Makanya, bila dah duduk elok bawah tu, lampu pun sayup-sayup je nak nyala, plus hujan lagi, plus ada candle lagi atas meja tu, so kami mengisytiharkan malam tersebut sebagai makan malam anniversary. HAHAHA. Bagi can la pasal masa anniversary hari tu aku di Ganu, Pokcik di Langkawi. So, kira malam ni makan sedap la konon.

Kami order Ikan Siakap Bakar Petai, Sotong apemende ntah namanya (masak kicap + daun kari), Masak Lemak Daging Salai, Telur Dadar dan Nasi untuk 2 orang. Air pulak Watermelon Juice 1 Liter. Tobat la kembung perut minum air tembikai hahahaha... So, ditemani air hujan yang bercucuran dan lilin yang menyala, kami pun makan la dengan lahapnya. Dah habis makan, pi la bayar. Harga total semua ialah RM 75. OK la. Agak berbaloi. Ikan bakar memang sedap. Masak Lemak Daging Salai pun sedap. Cuma sotong jer kureng sikit. Resipi kick, cuma sotong tu bukan sotong fresh la. More to sotong kenyal yang macam dalam Secret Recipe punya spaghetti. Haha.

Overall, ok la kami puas hati. Dan dapat disimpulkan bahawa anniversary dinner tak memerlukan tempat mahal. Cukup la tempat best dan makanan sedap. Haha. Kat rumah ponnnn boleh. Hari tu konon nak jugak pi beranniversary dinner bagai. Pastu bila survey harga mostly RM 200 ke atas per couple. Tengok makanan biasa-biasa je. Tempat pulak tak privacy sangat. Semua boleh tengok. Haha. So the best is, kalau tak jumpa cari tempat, redha je macam aku. Last-last lagi best. Hahahahahahahaha.....

Layan pic jap...

Abaikan muka Mak Buyung. Sembab muka. Haha...

Nyum Nyum...

Hehe... Kalau terliur, boleh la pi kat Restoran Golek-Golek Ikan Bakar Petai. Lokasi boleh waze jer. Technically tempat tu tepi MRR2 jer. Hehehe...

That's all. Bubbye.


Wednesday, 8 April 2015



Hello all!!! 

Semenjak pregnant ni, selalu ja ada mulut yang kata aku sememeh la, selekeh la. Ye lah, dah pregnant ni badan dah makin besar, pakai ja apa yang ada. Tudung lagi la, last beli yang jenis fesyen-fesyen and cantik-cantik ni ntah bila ntah. Kalau ada pun kirim beli kat adik yang rajin pi butik. Nak harap aku kuar jalan-jalan memang tak la. Sempooooot oi.

So solution yang paling senang adalah, online shopping! Haha... So baru-baru ni aku ada la browse few online stores. Then terjumpa pulak Sugarscarf kat website ZALORA. Eh jap. Sugarscarf kat ZALORA? Waaaahhhhh.

Korang pernah dengar Sugarscarf tak? Komang spana orang ganung kata kalau tak pernah dengar. Tapi takpe, meh sini nak bagitau sikit. Sugarscarf ni dulu bisnes depa start kecil-kecilan aje. Tak lama lepas tu, Sugarscarf mula start perniagaan secara online pulak dan lepas dari tu, baru depa buka butik sendiri kat ibu kota kita yang tercinta ini. 

Apa yang best sangat pasal Sugarscarf ni adalah depa punya pilihan warna-warna tudung tu memang cun dan menepati citarasa semua lah. Warna tu satu hal, corak-corak kat depa punya tudung ni pulak, mak aih, memang ‘in trend’ habis. Kita yang biasa-biasa ni pun, kalau pakai tudung dari Sugarscarf ni boleh tetibe feeling jadi Hijabista tau.

Aku dok kira-kira tadi. La ni pertengahan bulan April. Bulan depan dah Mei, lepas tu Jun. Haaa, Jun dah start Ramadhan dah, lepas tu raya pulak kan. Alang-alang, baik aku usha sekali untuk beli tudung time raya nanti. Beli awal sikit takpe, janji tak merana sebab tudung cantik-cantik semua habis stock. Kalau habis stock? Jadi Mak Jemah Sememeh lagi ler aku. Hahahaha.....

OK. Berbalik kepada cerita tadi. Untuk korang-korang yang baru tau atau baru kenal jenama Sugarscarf ni, korang boleh beli dan rasai sendiri tudung-tudung Sugarscarf ni best dia macam mana. Korang boleh pergi terus ke butik Sugarscarf atau pi menjengah kat laman web ZALORA Malaysia untuk korang nikmati sendiri tawaran harga tudung yang special bak hang. Kat ZALORA nanti, korang boleh tengok sendiri koleksi tudung Sugarscarf yang meletop macam kat bawah ni!

Haa selain koleksi kat atas ni, korang boleh tengok banyak lagi koleksi tudung Sugarscarf online yang lain. Contohnya, Juliette Instant Shawl, IHA Lycra Instant Shawl, Jane Shimmer Ala Crepe Shawl dan banyak lagi lah.

Apa yang lagi best kalau korang nak tau, ZALORA bagi khidmat penghantaran secara percuma tau, ala, senang cerita FREE DELIVERY direct ke rumah korang. Dalam Malaysia je ek, kalau nak hantar pi Afrika Selatan korang kena check balik naa. Oh ya, ada juga pemulangan percuma selama 30 hari selepas tarikh pembelian atau omputih kata, 30 days return. 

So, apa lagi, dari korang berlanjutan jadi Mak Jemah Sememeh pakai tudung outdated, old-fashion, better la korang pi usha dan beli sendiri tudung Sugarscarf ni kat ZALORA okayh? Pastu ha korang boleh lah nak fefeeling hijabista ker, diva ker, baru la ada kelas!! Aumm!

Okay bai bai, aku nak pi check out tudung Sugarscarf online jap. Terliur aih tengok instant shawl depa. Sesuai sangat dengan pregnant woman macam aku ni. Nyummy!

Till then, toddles~


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