Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Semua tulis pasal 2014...


Hola all... Fuhhhhh... Cewwah, fuhhhh gitu. Anyhow, 2014 dah nak tutup tirai. So, everybody write and tick all those resolutions they made in early 2014. However, knowing me.......... I did not have any resolutions. HAHAHA.

I do have few targets on things I MUST done every year. Well, I rather not called it as a "resolution" because for some reason, it sounds cliché. Wahahahaha. Abaikan.

However, every year pon we must go through ups and downs. So, normal things lah when every year you got some things you want, some not, some of your targets and missions accomplished, some not. So do me.

I can say the good things always happen for those who believe. While the bad things surely happen for reasonsssss. I repeat, reasonssssss. 

For all the good things, Alhamdulillah I highly grateful for every single things in life. Of course getting married to my husband was the best thing that happened this year, and to shine it more, our little junior is coming next year, Alhamdulillah. Hope my second pregnancy is going to be just fine.

For the other blessings, the best family, good health, wealth, and every single other things, ALHAMDULILLAH, Thank You Allah.

However, I admit I am not doing so good with my career, due to some circumstances. Whatever I had planned before, whatever decision I made, I believe that happened with the will of Allah. I did pray a lot, I did ask for guidance, and I know Allah will help me to overcome this. 

For all the not-really-good things, I believe there is at least a reason behind it. Allah does not burden anyone, except with something within its capacity.

And for that, ALHAMDULILLAH for everything ya Allah.

Oh yes, not to forget, 2014 stated lots of not-so-good history for our religion and country. 

The Palestine people,
MH 370,
MH 17,
and latest, floods in most of the places in East Coast, 
let us all pray for those who affected, may Allah protect us all, InsyaAllah.

Speak about floods, I am one of those people who trapped for few days. Later kalau rajin will story about that. 

I think that is all to conclude my 2014 journey.

I hope 2015 will become a better year for me, for my husband, future child, family, and for everything.

Till then, toodles!


Friday, 12 December 2014



Selamat hari Jumaat semua. Perbanyakkan ibadah di hari Jumaat.
Di hari Jumaat yang mulia ni aku rasa aku nampak hantu.
Masuk ni dah kali ketiga kot (atau lebih atau kurang) manusia dengan nama Azlee Lee ni add aku kat facebook.
Serious aah, dulu aku penah blog skali pasal budak Azlee Lee ni which aku tak rasa beliau ni lelaki.
Haiya, brape kerat la sangat laki zaman sekarang nak like FB Backstreet Boys? Lazada?
And like FB TLDM?
Sesuatu sangat tau hang ni. HAHA.
Pastu lepas Azlee Lee ni add aku, dan-dan la traffic blog aku pun tetiba datang dari Penang and tengok entry wedding aku.

Ingat aku lupa ka?
Kerja nak stalk ja.
Sudah-sudah la tu buat kerja tu.
Tak boring ka?
Aku pun dah boring dok mendelete friend request hang.
Lagipun, takdak apa pun aku dok share kat FB tu.
Tak minat aku nak share lebih-lebih dengan public.
High Class people will always keep their standard high. Kah3.

Yarrrrk, best sangat ker life aku sampai kerja asyik nak stalk aku?
Kalau hang rasa best, Alhamdulillah, bersyukur aku setinggi-tingginya.
Tapi kan, dari hang stalk aku then hang sakit ati, apa kata hang toksah menyibuk life aku? 
Haaaaaa. Kan lagi best, hang tak serabut, aku bertambah tambah tak serabut.
Move on please.
And stop being PATHETIC.
Jasamu dikenang.

p/s : Pfffft


Thursday, 4 December 2014

#31: Music Exception : Broke Her - Yuna

*Update : Lyrics available*

As usual, YUNA new released song, Broke Her. 

Soooo gonna get the lyrics soon. I cannot do the lyrics-hunting-by-hearing now because Pokcik is sooooooooooo bising when I listened to this song and he even asked me, 

"Ni nyanyi ke bercakap ni? TAK SEDAAAAPPPPP". 

Well Pokcik, Yuna's music genre suits me well, so you gotta live with that! HAHA.

*Update : Lyrics available*



Tell me 
Is this alright with you
Having me in your life
I always thought
That maybe I could be your wife

And I wouldn’t mind living a lie
And still I keep my hopes up
I am out there
Out there lighting the dark

Your words they come so easy
Girl I just want to be me
All the sudden I’m not on your team
Replaced by the prettier things
But I see you with all these girls
I just don’t understand
I guess I’m not like the rest of them

So this is my punishment, punishment, punishment
‘Cause baby I’m in pain, I’m in pain, I’m in pain
I’m just trying to overcome
The fact that maybe I was not enough
The only thing that I could think of
Is whether I should give up

See you can be with any girl you like
You can send them all those fashions and socialite
Buy them all the things your money can buy
You don’t owe nobody an alibi
Go ahead and leave me out of your life
No one’s gonna ask you where you are tonight
You can tell your friends while you’re all hot
Yeah I broke her
But she’ll be alright

I broke her but she’ll be alright
I broke her but she’ll be alright
I broke her but she’ll be alright

I'm broken but I’ll be alright
I'm broken but I’ll be alright

p/s : Lyrics by hearing only. Apologize for mistake(s).

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