Sunday, 30 November 2014



It has been a while since we moved here and to be honest, I hate this place. Aku macam biasa memang susah betul nak adapt tempat baru, and aku wonder how the heck aku boleh survived untuk adapt masa kat Surabaya. Tak tau la sebab rumah ni banyak Magedeng ke yang menyebabkan aku rasa serabut dan sangat terperangkap. Seriously, I need fresh air.

Mungkin sebab Magedeng. Atau mungkin memang aku tak pernah suka duduk dan menetap dekat Kuala Lumpur. KL untuk berjalan dan makan angin memang best, but to live in, I rather live back in my hometown or even in my mentua's house. Kat sini rasa macam serabut gila. I believed this feeling must have connection with my unstable hormone right now. You know the feeling when you can't even go and cook in the kitchen because it looks and smells terribly horrible which you can't even imagine the smell and the picture of food. YUCKS. Note that my kitchen is perfectly clean, yet, I CANNOT manage to cook there. That's why I said blame the hormone.

Now the fact that I can't even enter the kitchen, I must have something to eat, my husband must eat. So, we have no choice. We GOT to go and find any food outside. Now, here's the first world problems. First, I CANNOT smell my husband's car because for now, new car's smell sucks. Second, we don't even know where to eat. Third, most of the place we want to go, have NO or LIMITED parking. Third, most of the time, we GOT to drive through THE MOST SERABUT, BANYAK KERETA, BANYAK MOTOR DAN JEMMMMMMM BULATAN EVER, BULATAN PAHANG. I swear a lot every time we went through that bulatan. Urrrrggghhhh.... And four, the nauseous and bilious feeling every time I've done eating. 

That explains how trapped I feel since living here. I cannot stay at home peacefully, and I cannot go out peacefully either.

KL is not a place for me, and my husband too. Because it is too crowded with people, cars, buildings etc. None of us love to be here. I wonder why some people loveeeeee KL so much?

I rather see the green sawah padi, bukit bukau, langit biru, pantai dan laut, than to see all of those skyscraper buildings which close all those magnificent views of the blue sky. I hate this place.

Today pulak, Pokcik went duty this morning and only will going home tomorrow night. Too bad there is no signal there. But lucky me, Pokcik's niece and her friend stay with me for few days. Pity them, I cannot bring them jalan-jalan sebab I am too tired, and easily get tired. Phew.

Oh and one more thing, this is random but I need to justify here. Just for your information, I DO NOT manage my husband's Fb and for those whom may concern, PLEASE, stop meroyan boleh? Thank you.

There goes my bebelan(s) for today.

I hope I can feel better soon.

p/s : I need the smell of the beach, the breeze from the beach, and the look of the ocean. Huaaaaa :"(

Bai bai.


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