Wednesday, 19 November 2014



I'm craving for Ayam Penyet Cak D Nganjuk. Wayyyyyyy back in Surabaya.

Just in case if you're wondering...

AYAM PENYET is not like most of Malaysian think. Let me give you some "light" on it okay?

I am kind of ANNOYED when hearing people said "Ayam Penyet - Ayam yang dipenyet/dipenyek"

Do you ever wonder why the ayam/ikan/iga etc don't get PENYEK when it's name is PENYET?

To be honest, I've been to lots of Penyet street stall back then in Surabaya, and just for the record, for almost 6YEARS, nope, I have never seen they penyek-kan those chicken, lele(ikan keli), bebek(itik), etc.

It is just chicken/lele/bebek/tauhu/tempe/dori or anything that comes with sambal penyet. It's really just the SAMBAL that they're PENYET-ing.

And they got things like this (pic shown below) as their lesung batu, different from us in Malaysia. That's why in Malaysia, if they make any sambal, it's either sambal tumbuk, or sambal blend. Got it?

This is lesung sambal penyet. Most of Indonesian use this kind of lesung instead of lesung we use.

This one us, Malaysian use. More to tumbuk-tumbuk than to penyek-penyek.

So, the conclusion here is, PENYET in jawa is referred to SAMBEL/SAMBAL yang dipenyet/dipenyek. And whatever ayam/tauhu/iga/lele/bebek etc penyet that you order, it is NOT the ayam/tauhu/iga/lele/bebek etc that been PENYEK. Okay?

If you go to any street stall in Indonesia, specifically in East Java (Jawa Timur), you'll see those penyetan stall everywhere, after all, it is where all those "penyet" origin from.

Hope that clear things out.

Until then, toodle!

Pic courtesy : with keyword : lesung penyet.

p/s : I miss Surabaya's food. All those penyet, bakso, nasi goreng tok tok, batagor, pempek, soto nasi, mie ayam, tauhu sumbat, empal goreng, iga bakar, etc you name it. :(


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