Monday, 13 October 2014

The 29th Year Old Pokcik


Dear Pokcik,

Happy 29th birthday
Please be rich
So you can buy me golds
Or diamonds
Or pandora
Or even an airplane
So we can travel the world together.

Now that's my wish in my dream. Ha ha.

Here ARE my real wishes :

I hope you always be in Allah's bless
I hope you always be in the best health
I hope you will get more and more halal rezeki
I hope you become more romantic (They said the older the men are, the romantic-er they'll be. We'll see :p)
I hope your stomach always love whatever I cook (Even you always said my cook is not like ma's.. Pfffttt... I only live for 24 years and 10 months, how do I cook like a person who lives 2 x my age.)
I hope you stay handsome (Toksah dok buat muka sengeh sengeh kena puji skali bini hang karate, baru hang tau :D)
I hope your skin stay darker than me (So I got things to make joke of you to revenge what you did :p)
Here's the most important thing,
I hope you stay in love with me cause you know I will never stop loving you (How does this sound? Euww? HAHAHAHAHAH DON'T CARE)

Whatever it is, don't look up to other girls cause you know, the only one who will stay with forever, is me. HA HA HA.

Now I sound like a psycho.

Don't care either. HAHAHAHAHA.


<3 <3 <3

Pokcik at Tanah Aina (Later will blog about this)


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