Saturday, 6 September 2014



Marriage shouldn't be done to satisfy one's own heart and needs with the love of another, in fact it is a way to seek a companion with whom you will worship Allah Subhanahu Wa Taa'la. A partner who will guard you from the whisperings of Shaytaan, who will give you access to enter another spiritual level through that love.

The desire and need to seek these things in Allah's name, to ultimately get nearer to The All Mighty, are what we should marry for, and with these intentions, our marriages will in'sha'Allah be the bringer of peace and contentment into our lives. Marriage in its purest form is the most beautiful of all things, and can't be broken if it is done with the intention to seek Allah's pleasure and to grow in every step together towards Him. This pure form is the coming together of two souls, which intertwine to almost become one, and as soon as we take that step, our soul crosses almost into another realm. Subhan'Allah. The sacred bond between a husband and wife who center everything around Allah's commandments is the most treasured and blessed of all things.

When the spouses know and follow the fundamental Islamic values of marriage, then they will understand their roles and duties towards each other. To guide whilst being guided by their spouse too. This way any disagreement will easily be dispelled by the beauty of Islam, and disappear as quickly as it appeared. Spouses must walk hand in hand helping each other to be the best possible Muslim. For if we do everything with Allah in mind, there is no way it will forsake us, and with this in mind in'sha'Allah a relationship will prosper.

-credits : iloveAllaah


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