Thursday, 4 September 2014



I am kind of bored, so I randomly start scrolling on my previous posts. And I found this.

It was on April 2011. Where at that time I had a so called a riot-chaos-stupid kind of relationship. Where at that time my age is just 21. Everyone knows at that age, we are still considered as kids. And seriously, I wrote about my wedding day at age like that? HAHA. I didn't realize I am that FUNNY HAHAHAHAHA (Some might think that 21 is OK to think about marriage but still, I THINK IT'S FUNNY HAHAHA). Relationship at that age is considered as bull shit, well, at least for me. Cause at that time, people come and go, and for some, I am just a toy. Well, I let that go already.

I actually came to the idea to actually read back what I wrote because my blogger friend tagged me something on Instagram, which made me want to see back (feeling2 throwback HAHA) what I went through all these years. For some reason, I came across my blogger-friend's blog who actually had passed away on August 2011. It actually brings me back to memory when I was still writing in my previous blog, which now I already delete for some stupid reasons.

My blogger friend, S, had actually give me some memories. Memories that somehow I cannot forget. How he actually waited for me at the airport just to meet me because he did something that made me crazily mad (I bet you don't want to see me mad cause you will see a different crazy woman inside me appears when I am mad HAHA), without he actually knew my exact arrival time. And for the record, I did see him waiting at the Coffee Bean, but yes, I just walked away as my heart was badly hurt that time. I did regret on that. Stupid as it sound, yes, IT IS funny when you're dead, people start to listen. Another stories will be a secret which only me, him and Allah knows.

Well, that will also be just some memories to remember, a walk in life that now has ended, but never in my heart. But hey, look at where I'm standing right now. I am happily married with the person I love the most, and what we are planning for the future will be just another history for us to create. And for God sake, isn't that beautiful? To happily married, to enjoy our journey to the end of our life, to have somebody in our heart through thick and thin, to actually have somebody to live and to look after each other. Well, I can't be more grateful for what I'm having, Alhamdulillah.

Above all, why am I writing this? It is just I learnt to actually appreciate people around me, not just because I love them, it is also to avoid me feeling regret like I did before for not appreciating well people who love me. Therefore, what I write now will be just another reminder for me so I will always be reminded of things I never want to feel again.

I've been in sooooo much troubles since early this year. About my job, about my life, about everything. But I do realize that sun will definitely shine after the terrible storm, and the good thing is, the rainbow sometimes will appear too. So, I shouldn't regret on whatever decision I've made, as I believe everything happened for lots of reasons. And I too, believe that I might be doing some mistakes in my life, but that never meant that my life ends terribly like that. As long as I still have Allah in my heart, things will always go right, just sometimes, they love to take a short corner, but it's ok, cause my journey will surely brings me to my destination. It's my destiny, and Allah ensure that. :)

For all of theseeeee, I am sorry as it is just another crap I randomly wrote, and sadly, you guys read it. HAHAHAHA. Till then, bubbye!

p/s : Pardon my grammar, I am NOT an english teacher, even if I am, English teacher makes mistake(s) too. HAHAHA.


I am superglad and superproud for having this man in my life. Only Allah knows how much I love this man.


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