Saturday, 28 June 2014



Ramadhan already? Cepat gila. Haha... Last year time Ramadhan ni la tengah berjuang final OSCE exam. Alhamdulillah berkat Ramadhan last year, akhirnya officially pass all exam. Bersyukur sangat-sangat. Tapi this year got problem. But it's ok. I believe in fate and I am sure everything is in the hand of Allah. Keep calm, focus and keep praying. InsyaAllah. Doakan saya ya rakan-rakan.

And Alhamdulillah thank you Allah for giving me chance to feel my very first Ramadhan with Pokcik. I am really really really grateful as few weeks before I actually lost my hope on this. Well, let's hope I can celebrate Syawal with my husband too insyaAllah.

Till then, Happy Ramadhan!


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thank you very muchooo!

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