Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Post


So finally I'm officially a government worker since yesterday after I registered in PTM. I've got my posting hospital which is in _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Alhamdullillah. I PRAYED a lot and have done my istikharah and I believe whichever hospital I got into, is Allah's plan. 

HOWEVER, I am kinda dissapointed with something which I hope my wedding will be just as smooth as I plan InsyaAllah. PLEASE pray for me. THANK YOU. 

I'm actually in my own dilemma to start working. I mean, REAL work. It's actually bothering me and as usual I started to scribble something on my note book when my mind is not in the good state. I wrote : 

Doctor :

Few seconds after I wrote that my friend beside me suddenly took the pencil and wrote this : 


I'm in a deep silence for a minute. 

YES, I do forget that actually Allah made this plan for me, and I realize at that moment I am not grateful enough for the journey that Allah gave me. Forgive me ya Allah. 


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