Sunday, 16 February 2014

#4 flight experience : snake on the plane


First of all, Alhamdulillah because my emak and I still alive. Seriously, what do you expect when you are in kind of emergency situation? Huhu...

Since this Monday I will start working somewhere in Malaysia, I took a flight with my emak to KL before heading to my actual destination. So we ride on our national carrier this evening from TGG-KUL. The flight was real smooth and my emak and I ate the peanut and drink some juice and chit-chatting until I heard "Gedebummm", the sound of the aircraft's landing gear (tyres) came down. I was quite surprised because when I looked outside, it was still in high altitude (for landing), which I believe just below 10, 000 feet (I assume). Usually aircraft ni bukak flaps dulu then in certain altitude baru bukak landing gear.

You know what, the sound of wind yang bunyi masa bukak tayar tu won't stop. I was like... err, what's happening? Few minutes later, bunyi landing gear tutup balik, and then bunyi terbuka balik after a few minutes. At the same time, the cabin crew came out with this announcement, :

 "Ladies and gentlemen, we will landing shortly, please return to your seat, fasten your seatbelt, blablabla................. Ladies and gentlemen, please evacuate immediately in case of emergency, leave your hand luggage and go to your nearest exit blablabla"

Seriously, I only heard that last sentence when they demonstrate the taklimat keselamatan sahaja. Other than that, tak pernah pulak aku dengar pengumuman tu masa nak landing. After that, again, I heard bunyi tayar tertutup balik. Dalam hati ni dah kejadah apa pulak tutup buka tutup buka tayar ni. I was thinking the problem with the flaps or speed brake or thrust level or whatever that made they suddenly geared down their landing gear to reduce the speed. Screw me, I don't know if this theory is right I just simply using my very own theory hahahahaha...

Ok sambung balik. I realized that the aircraft berpusing-pusing di tempat yang sama for a few times, and the landing gear's sound keep terbuka tertutup terbuka tertutup sampai dekat nak 4 kali. Only after that I saw this one cabin crew with an aircraft engineer (I think) came beside my seat (My seat was in row 16) and slightly opened the carpet and looked down which I can see the ground from there. Wuwuu... I asked the cabin crew what happened and the cabin crew answer like this, "Nothing, don't worry it's just a normal regular check". Haha... Please don't lie la... Nobody wants to do the so called "regular check" during the flight in front of all passenger. It must be something wrong. And they back to the front and came back few minutes later, I asked again if is everything ok, and she answered, "No, it's just the light kat bawah ni tak menyala". Derrrr, again please don't lie to me. You can't even hide your worried face. Haha... And after a while they went back to the cockpit.

Few seconds later, the captain made the announcement "Assalamualaikum ladies and gentlemen, we are now holding around (I can't remember the exact word) and kind of having a little problem because the landing gear won't go down. We are currently fixing this issue and InsyaAllah it will all gonna be OK".

I was like haaaaahhhhh? Are we going to die? And I dramatically hold my emak's hand and start praying together. Sape tak cuak wehhhhhhh captain punya announcement pon suara cuak gila. Pax kat belakang ni memang dah siap-siap berdoa muka panik gila. Wuwuu...

Few minutes later, again, "Gedebummmmm", the sound of the landing gear muncul balik. And just after a few second, the captain made the announcement again, "Assalamualaikum, Alhamdulillah ladies and gentlemen, the landing gear is now down and we are now ready for landing, thank you."

And only after that baru lah terdengar bunyi flaps terbuka dan Alhamdulillah landing dengan selamat. I can see everyone was really in a lega face and Alhamdulillah, Allah still gave us chance to workship Him. Alhamdulillah.

That's the story. I actually wanna write later but I think I don't really have time to blog after this since I start working. Meanwhile, please please please do pray for my success in my journey as a House Officer, InsyaAllah.

Taken about ten minutes before the crew made the announcement to prepare for emergency... I think this old man 734 had enough. Pity him, please give him a rest. He contributed a lot. Thanks.

Till then, toodles!

p/s : You know what, somehow this situation actually aku selalu main dalam Flight Simulator. Aku saja bukak bukak landing gear masa jauh tinggi kat atas. Tetiba terjadi dalam real life haaaaa hamek kau mula la cuak. Hahaha... Seriously, who would've thought? Kbai.


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