Friday, 10 January 2014

Random Story


Once upon a time, my fiance and I went shopping at AEON stat. 18. Screw shopping, we were actually just walking around without any clear motive. Hahaha...

So, we entered this one shop, selling perfumes. Like what others did when entering the perfume shop, we smelt and tried some of the tester perfumes. And as usual, the sales girl will follow our ass around from the start we step in to the shop. After we tried a few perfume, I asked the sales girl about the price of this one perfume. She looked at the perfume box, and then she turned her face at Pokcik, and suddenly speak like this, 


Pokcik berkerut aku berkerut. Kejadahnya minah ni cakap cina plak tetiba. Hahahaha.... Dan sejak daripada itu, aku perlu bertahan betapa Pokcik koya beliau hensem macam hero cina. K aku ada loya sket. Bai.

p/s : Thanks google translate. HAHAHA.



  1. Hahaha. Boleh pulak dye cakap cina.

    1. hai isabel diaz, yeah apparently she thought my fiance was chinese. haha

  2. dia...
    is chinese...
    have eaten...


thank you very muchooo!

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