Thursday, 9 January 2014



Today we'll talk about marriage.
What is marriage?

For some people marriage is just a thing that start with a wedding and end with death.

For some people marriage is not as important as their wedding should be.

For some people marriage is some kind of "battle" they need to win.

For some people marriage is the only way to fulfill their sexual needs.

For some people marriage is just another way to make their family relationship closer.

For some people marriage is to fulfill one of the religion needs and sunnah.

And for some people marriage means nothing as they just follow the trend. Perhaps.

As for me marriage is a risk. Risk for my future life. And sacrifice too. And for that I risk and sacrifice my life, my love, my family, and my everything to marry the person I choose.

Create your own purpose of your marriage. I couldn't care less. The only thing I care is, do the person I risk will be worth everything?

Only Allah knows. Wallahualam.


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  1. Banyak orang, banyak pendapat. Tapi hampir kesemuanya betul. Hihi.


thank you very muchooo!

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