Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hello. I'm back. Tak brape boleh nak update pasal laptop tak pi baiki lagi. Busy lagi.

Just came back from north trip. Went to Penang, Tronoh, Cameron Highland, Ipoh bla bla bla. And now back at Kota Kemuning for baby-sitting my little precious Zarifa. Mean while, siapkan beading untuk baju convo and online survey untuk apa-apa yang patut. 

Been thinking of lotsa wedding outfit design but heck, I'm really not into fashion, style bla bla bla. Somebody please help me to find out the suitable design for me. Wuaaaaa.

Pokcik went off shore again today. Spoke with him yesterday. Too many things to be settled. And I actually planned to settle at least 60 percent of my day preparation before I start working. But then... I'm a busy person. Haha tetiba. Hopefully semua ok InsyaAllah.

Ok lah rasa macam mengantuk tapi entahlah macam boring pulak tido.


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