Friday, 2 August 2013


Hallow hallow...

Haha. Kalau dah nama dok rumah, takdenya kerja aku rajin mengupdate blog, apetah lagi kalau ada adik aku sorang yang agak so-so sket ni dalam rumah. Muahahahahahaha.

Tapi oleh kerana beberapa sebab, aku update. Cewwah.

Aku ada beberapa page untuk direkomendasikan kepada sesiapa yang menyukai online shopping, dan juga sesiapa yang suka test resipi. Haha.

Takde la banyak sangat. Tapi layankan je la.

This blogshop is owned by my sister in law, Kak Athi. She's selling baby's products such as Nursing Cover, Swaddle Pop, Diaper Clutch, Avent Product, Maxi Cosi Product, Ikea Baby Product and other Pre-Loved Items. Oh yes, mind you that those Nursing Cover are made by my emak with lots of loveee. Haha. And on my personal note, you should really check my sis in law's personal blog for any useful tips for babies. :)

This blogshop is owned by my sister. Boleh la kalau nak tengok-tengok and buy few items. Ada purse, handbag, and shoes. Tapi belum banyak diupdate lagi. Harga boleh nego dengan tokei. Selamat membeli!

3. Ocean Recipe by Zakirin.
This is not a blogshop or a recipe blog or any kind of it. Zakirin is one of my classmate back then when i was in my secondary school for three years. He's been working as a chef on ship (kapal dagang) for quite a long time. He always sharing his recipe on Instagram and I suggested him to write his recipe in a blog. However, he's too lazy to open/write his own blog and asked me to write/post his recipe on my blog. I accepted the offer BUT, me myself is lazy to do so too. HAHA. Well, actually I will if I have enough time, but for now, I just give you the link to his Instagram for further info. Feel free to follow. :)

That's all for today. Happy surfing!

p/s : This is just a promotion I made by myself. NO charge accepted! :)


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