Sunday, 4 August 2013

Meet Cico


So I've met Cico this evening. It's actually Ciko but I refused to call it Ciko since the name is too hilarious. If you watch Jutawan Fakir, you know what I meant. HAHAHAHAHA. Laugh my ass off. Shut up!

Me and Pokcik went to Epul's house this evening to pick Cico up and bring him to his new home in TM. Cico is a two month old kitten. He's very cute, hyperactive, and shy-shy cat, and he reminds me of my best friend's cat, Milo back then when I was in Surabaya.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of cat(s). I learned to touch and hold those cat from my bestfriend, Fun and Eva. Both of them are hard rock big fan of cat. The first cat I hold was Milo and only after that I managed very well to touch and hold any cat. But still, Pokcik said I'm a lil bit kekok when I hold Cico just now. HAHA. But hey, atleast I am brave enough to hold that. Hehe.

So here's the picture of Pokcik's family new pet, Cico. Enjoy!

This is Cico on back seat. Staring at the sky. Don't know where he belongs. Haha.

This is Pokcik multitasking skill: driving while holding Cico all the way to TM from KT. The good thing is Cico slept almost all the time! HAHA.

This is Cico in Pokcik's house in TM. He wants to play with those sugar glider but too bad those sugar glider are too fierce. Pity Cico. Sabar eh, life is hard emang. Sobs.

That's all about Cico story. Looking forward to see Cico real soon. Wait for meeee Cico! Nak signnnnnnn! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

p/s: Still not a pet person. Haha.


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