Tuesday, 11 June 2013



Finally there's only me, ayah and emak here in my house. Nothing else to explain.

I've started doing few of my things. Well... Hasil malam ini memuaskan. Alhamdulillah. Masih beberapa hari untuk menyiapkan apa yang patut sebelum terbang pulang ke Surabaya.

It has been 8 days since pokcik berlayar. Well, I kinda miss him. But the fact that I'm a little "busy" these few days and the panda sleep beside me every night probably make me a lil bit calm. I guess.

Got a date tomorrow with my ex-schoolmate! Can't wait since the last time I met her was on..... 2009? Ntah la. However, glad to have friends around so that I can ask them out to do a lil bit survey around KT. Haha.

And there's a few people that somehow making my mood reaaaaaaallly swing-y lately. For those, again, just let go your past. Move on! Tired already. Seriously.

Ohyes, I'm kind of taking order for chocolate, candy and flower bouquet... It's actually a long story to tell but hey, if you're interested, just leave the comment.

And now, I'm ready to sleep. Hahaha...

5 days more! Really can't wait!

P/s : I got purple, blue and white non weaving paper for sale. RM 0.80 each. Leave your comment if you're interested. :)

I miss pokcik huaaa...


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thank you very muchooo!

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