Friday, 7 June 2013


It is true when people said sometimes it's better not knowing than to know everything.

Yes, the truth hurts. But after all, it is all that we need to know and face it with open heart, wide-est, if you can.

Things are getting clear, yet a bit complicated.

3 things. 2 different stories.

One. When suddenly people you trust and expect to understand you more than anyone else, hate you just because the truth you're telling.

That's what they called "disappointment", and I called it "Lantak pi la".

Put aside your ego, and try to see the world from different perspective, or perhaps, my perspective. Ego and intelligence won't bring you anywhere. Don't you remember Allah is The Greatest?

Two. When suddenly people from "our" past come to us. Well, no, specifically, to me. Your past, my past, why does it all have to come to me at the same time? And for God sake, to me?

Dear Allah, do enlighten me.

Trust is not the main issue. But yes, I gotta say, I agree with my first sentence, SOMETIMES.

Sometimes you just have to trust your own feeling, even though logic tells you the antonym.

The truth will not forever hide, as we live in the same earth. But it is your choice, to actually tell it, or forever hiding it, until the earth itself comes to negotiate with you later on.

And as for me, I chose to tell it, MOST OF THE TIME. I don't care if people hate me for the truth I'm telling. At least I know how to speak "non-hypocrite".

To conclude, life is too short to be wasted. Especially to people who are not even worth it.

Thanks to all people that come to me at the "right" time. May Allah bless.

P/s : The longest time ever, so far. It might be different if you're with me now. :(


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