Thursday, 30 May 2013


Warning : This entry may sound sooooo poyo. Face it, or leave it! Thank you.

1. Genap one week one day aku kat rumah. Fuh, masih belajar untuk kawal emosi. Disebabkan dah lama duduk sorang-sorang kat rumah kat Surabaya, bila balik dan rumah riuh, kadang-kadang aku tak boleh tahan dan meningkatkan kemarahan. Bahaya. Astaghfirllah.

2. Too many things to be done. Too many decision to be decided. Phew, I never thought this would be that........... sangat memeningkan. May Allah ease things for us, InsyaAllah, amiiin.

3. Yesterday was good. I mean, I never thought that a very long and deep conversation at the beach could be such a...... I don't know... That kind of feeling... I kinda miss that one... Hrmmm.... When will the next conversation be? Face to face like that? Where I can talk and laugh and do everything the way I want, and he doesn't even complain? Like 2 or 3 months from now? Dear Allah, please make things easy for this too.

4. Discussion about these could be such an interesting topic(s), but still, I think I don't really prepared like those people in other blog(s) I have seen. However, I still hope that things are going to be settled before I'm going back to Surabaya, so that later on, I still have enough time to manage things to place. :)

5. God, I'm tired. But I'm super duper happy to have my family and the person I love around... Thank you Allah for giving me chance(s) to feel all of these... Alhamdulillah.

Ikan bakar somewhere at Bukit Tunggal after Terengganu vs Kelantan match... But hey, we're good.

Ignore the love and miss you thingy... The Panda itself is a kind of "symbolic"... to me. HAHAHA. Dengggggg pokcik.

Till then, toddles!


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