Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The road is not taken.

Today is the day. For those who don't understand, well, let them be... Surprise? Well, this is not the first time. I may not know how my man feels. But the only thing I really know, Allah always gives the best. He will never let anything happen without reason. Reasonable reason. Logical reason. And anything that beyond our expectation. Indeed, Allah is The Greatest.

I know you have so many things to contribute to people. But I know too, Allah will never give the path which who knows, you cant even bear someday. Politic nowadays is cruel, as much as you can never imagine. I know you realized that fact too. But as far as I concern, you also have your own target, your own aspiration just to make sure everything gets better, and that is why you put that fact aside. At the same time, to realize the fact that you had already contributed so much to people since I was just a little kid until now, makes you are my favorite leader, my favorite idol, now, always and forever. And you know what, that is the reason I am always proud of you.

To my man, whatever people think of you, whatever people say about you, whatever people did to make you down, always remember, I am always proud to have you by my side, forever. You still my favorite idol, my favorite leader, my favorite teacher, my favorite politician, and the most important thing, my one and only best man, our best man, and no one can never ever take that part in our heart.

I always pray the best for you ayah. I love you. Very, very, very much. We love you.

People tagged my emak and KD in this picture on fb. It is tagged just not less than 24 hours before, but as they said, a picture worth thousand words, and those comments... Speechless. People, please behave. Dear Malaysian, choose your favorite candidate, insult your least favorite candidate, but please NEVER insult their family.

You mess with me, fine. You mess with family, you're dead. Remember.

*Update :
1. Lagi berita : sini, sini dan sini

Thanks Allah for protecting us.

p/s : Ayah, I'm sorry for praying this will not be happened.

 16 April 2013,
Your 6th favorite little daughter(still).


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  1. Amin
    yup ana, we are together in this.
    kak athi pon sedih, but perjuangan ayah xsemestinya tamat walaupon bukan dalam politik..:)
    all of us are with him through anything


thank you very muchooo!

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