Saturday, 27 April 2013


I've been browsing a lot about seaweed since Pokcik asked me if I want him to buy some when he was in Sabah for Ops Daulat. When he asked, that was my second time I heard about seaweed. I mean, not that sushi seaweed, this time, seaweed mentah. First time was back then when I was in my Community Medicine rotation. So, I was like... ermmm... nak buat apa eh seaweed tu... Then Pokcik came with the idea of "Ntah la, I pun tak tau but hey, it's collagen asli" and I was like... "Err, ok. So what does that "collagen asli" can really do?"

At first, I don't care about the khasiat or whatever that people come out with their promotion blablabla. All I care was "How to cook this thing?". Haha. Typical Jannah. Life is all about FOOD. HAHA. Shut up!

So, I browsed and browsed and browsed... I got a few recipe on how I'm gonna cook those seaweed. I texted Pokcik, OK, I want some (even I have no idea when I'm going to meet him to claim all that... Haha)... There are lotssssss of recipe people can use to cook them... You can make seaweed soup, seaweed cocktail, seaweed salad, seaweed agar-agar, seaweed kerabu and my favorite is...... Dadih Seaweed!!! haha... Well, that looks nyummy.

Sambil-sambil google recipe, I discovered about the khasiat of seaweed too. Apparently, some people just love to exaggerate things. Hahaha... True, seaweed memang ada khasiat dia, but not as much as merawat penyakit jantung. Give me some paper research scientific reason, then I'll probably believe.

Then, I did some research, which then I found out that............ Seaweed IS NOT collagen. Apetah lagi, COLLAGEN ASLI. Hahahahaha... Now this is funny... What happened? Haha... I read and read and read and finally I discovered that, Seaweed has the same khasiat AS collagen but IT IS NOT COLLAGEN, and IT HAS NO COLLAGEN AT ALL INSIDE IT. Baca lagi di link yang diattachkan tadi. 

So people, in order to promote your seaweed product, stop saying that SEAWEED IS A REAL COLLAGEN. It might has the same khasiat as what the collagen do but it is not collagen, not even close to REAL COLLAGEN. How about you promote to your customer about the khasiat, not about those collagen thingy. You all made people like me konpius you know???

Why do I post this thing?

Cause Malaysian are funny. Look at those comments in this blog. Some of them really positive, but some of them memang la mentality negara dunia keempat ke kelima ntah. Sikit-sikit pikir kata nak jatuhkan orang. Padahal blog ni nak mengajar kita supaya jadi Pengguna Berhemah. Ntah pape je. Kalau tak terima, then ask for explanation, not condemn. Aiyaya... People these day aaa. However, I support this blog. This kind of blog reminds me of this one MLM-destroyer punya blog which, I fully support sangat-sangat because I hate MLM. Hahahaha...

Cerita seaweed tamat.

p/s : Approaching..... 8 months since the last time I met you. Huarrrggghhh. Time, please stop torturing me.


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