Wednesday, 27 February 2013

senyum, tak perlu kata apa-apa!

Well, before I start writing, lets welcome my new followers, readers (both silent and apparent readers)... :)

It is not as much as any blogger have but hey, 17 is nice, minus 1 (Syaiqkal) because he's already gone. Al-Fatihah.

As I wrote before, I didn't put something on my sidebar without any motive. Betul. 

Like I wrote "My Strength" segment, itu adalah untuk reminder saya (dan orang lain) ketika susah mahupun senang.

Like I wrote "Hobi : Lepak, Observe dan Gelak". Well, itu memang hobi saya.

Like when I put my Chatbox at the sidebar, anybody is allowed to write there. So, feel free to say hai.

And the list goes on.

Remember this? I used to write this entry back then in 2011. And the thing is, it happened again. Yesterday. Hahaha.

I didn't write my previous post for the person I love, either the person I've never met, and I don't even want@care to meet. But then, the fact is, somebody out there is just too eager and too busy to know, to assume and to make decision (on my thought) about anything that happen in my life. Haha. 

Remember, I wrote "lepak, observe dan gelak" with motive. Now that is funny. Haha...

Hey, if anybody have anything to tell me, just do it here! I have the comment section, or even the chatbox for you! It's FREE though. ;)

Or if you hate me that much, the "X" button is always there. Right in upper dekstra corner.

Dekstra? Google.

So, this ends here. Because I know, I don't need to act innocent because I AM INNOCENT. :)

Even though sometimes I'm being sarcastic. Well, it grows in genetic. ;)

p/s : Pokcik said : "Senyum! Tak perlu kata apa-apa". Well, not the exact sentence but sort like it. You know that is why I adore you more. :)



  1. Desperate. Macam tu lah. Lepak observe dan gelak sudah. Tak payah nak stalk observe meletop kebabom sgt. Haha

  2. Eleeeeyyyyu you royal or royat.... Silap eja ehhh... Hihihi

  3. Royal ke royat... Saloh eje ehhhh... Hihihi

  4. Eleeeeyyyyu you royal or royat.... Silap eja ehhh... Hihihi

  5. mak,betul la wawa semput eja royal...hhahaha...
    bengong wawa suka beno kenat...haha

  6. tp x pe... atleast takyah wat account lain untuk komen sendiri punya post... hahaha...yucks..jipang ke apa...haha....


thank you very muchooo!

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