Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Latest Addition

Hello. Somehow aku baru perasan aku tak berapa update tentang bayi baru aku. I mean, I did mention about her before but I don't really write about it. Andersteng?

So, on February 7th 2013, telah lahir seorang bayi yang sangat comel, yang diberi nama Nur Wafiatul Zarifa binti Abdul Muhaimin. Kami sangat gembira dengan penambahan cucu ke sebelas Tok Dad dan Nenek ni.

As I mentioned before, she is very comel, indeed. However, she suffered from a chromosome disorder, which is, Trisomy 18 or also known as Edward Syndrome. Trisomy 18 usually comes with heart, kidney or other organs problem. As for our Zarifa, she suffered from Truncus Arteriosus, as far as I know. 

As she is still in NICU, everyday, Abg Min and Kak Ezri will update about her in our Whatsapp's group family, so we can see her videos and pictures. She's very cuteeeeeeeeeeeee. If one day I get to see her, Zarifa konfem kena gigit. Hahaha.

About Zarifa's condition now, she is still not really stable as she cant breathe very well. It's heartbreaking to see her trying very hard to breathe, seriously. Hrmmm...

To all the readers, please pray for our Zarifa. May Allah makes things easy for her, InsyaAllah. Allah is The Greatest.

p/s : 
1. I have the picture(s) of her, but since her parents did not publish it yet, so i guess, I also don't have the right to do that.
2. Please do pray for Kak Ezri and Abg Min too.
3. Read more about Trisomy 18 here.



  1. wah! first time dengar pasal trisomy 18 tuu. nanti kite bace ea. hehehe. thanks for that new knowledge .

    semoga baby zarifa terus kuat dalam mengharungi ujian kehidupan dan your bro and sis tak pernah putus asa untuk terus berdoa. semoga Allah mempermudahkan segala-galanya. Aminn. :)


thank you very muchooo!

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