Monday, 14 January 2013


People who thinks marriage is easy is kinda ________(fill in the blank).

To think about wedding, its ok. But to think about marriage, its something serious. I mean, dead serious. It's our whole life for God's sake.

One wrong step u do, it's gonna haunt you for a little while if you're lucky, but forever if you're not.

Too many heart(s) you have to consider, as much as one step you do, can affect the others perception, especially family members.

I did something I know it's wrong. But somehow my emotion can't even control what I'm doing.

Too bad, I'm still a child. Maybe people looked at me as a mature person, but I'm obviously not. Too many silly mistakes I did, and I think will affect my whole life in the future.

I promise myself I'm gonna learn for all those mistakes I did. It's not because I want to get married or something, but somehow, it's just another aspect to gain in me. I should do these long time ago. I should consider more about others feeling. Especially my family. But maybe I failed, or maybe I just... never try. Hrmmm.

What life am I living all these while? Am I that bad? Or am I just... thinking too much?

Only God knows how I feel.


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  1. dok dok eh... if u never fail, then it means that u have never live!! so takpe.. failure makes people stronger and wiser... nobody perfect in this world... hehehehehe.......


thank you very muchooo!

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