Wednesday, 14 November 2012

as expected

phew... surgery is over... well, technically, not yet. not just i have another 2 oncalls, but i also have to extend (in the other word : repeat) my surgery rotation. sigh. life is hard.

down? yes. regret? not really. I've tried my best. i think i studied more in surgery compared to another rotation. just maybe this time, its not my luck. or maybe God wants me to study harder. maybe. who knows? you're gonna treat human's life right? so deal with it.

talking about the exam. from 9 stations, i managed to finish successfully 2 stations.  for the other 4 stations, i didn't have enough time to answer the question till the end(half answered and the bell rang kriiiiing, then berlalu ke station berikutnya dengan pasrah), and the other 3, i didn't really cover/know the cases. based on exam system, i still can pass surgery if i fail 3 stations. more than 3, repeat is the answer.

i admit i did not cover really well in all cases. since last week hari-hari balik ke rumah petang, then oncall, then post call. bila masa nak study pon taktau. sama jugak last night was my postcall day. memang penat smalam, study pon terumbang ambing. then how? am i too weak, too stupid or what? takpelah. dan memang takdir.

that is why i said its not my luck. i still can pass if i finish my 4 stations, well, let it be. dah lepas dah pon.

my junior yang fail jugak bbm me, mental breakdown. i said, relax. this is trial. deep inside, sape la tak rasa down. dah la kena repeat lagi sebulan. tapi takpe, kalau semua ada hikmah, terima je la, and learn the lesson. nothing can change anything. mungkin tak berkat jugak ye, pasal hari-hari dok maki groupmate. ye lah, dah penat, groupmate buat hal, sape tak hangin. tapi takpelah. sekali lagi. dah memang takdir.

slalu ingat jannah, Tuhan sayang, Tuhan sayang, Tuhan sayang. Tuhan taknak kamu jadi doktor nanti, asyik kena saman je. ingat tu, Tuhan sayang.

penutup tahun hijrah yang kurang baik tahun ini. tapi percayalah Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancang.  meh baca doa.

now its time to rest my mind. just let the past and learn for tomorrow. Allah knows the best. Have faith.


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