Saturday, 2 June 2012

# 12 : Music Exception : Barricade - Maddi Jane

Dia ni kuar lagu baru dia punya sendiri hoi!!! layan.

Barricade - Maddi Jane

I know it’s hard, I can feel it too
So don’t bother faking
It doesn’t matter what troubles you
I will help you take it

Here from the rain I shelter you
Till the storm is ended
Fired as arrows, words untrue
But I’ll defend

Miss pitiful, you’re so beautiful
I’m a light on, fall on me, fall on me

Before the battle begins
and until it’s through
I’m like a barricade
In between anything and you

So no matter how far
Whatever it takes
You will make it through the day
I’m your barricade

Love is too real for a fairy tale
Soon over after
Time is a healer but I won’t fail
To be with you faster
Miss pitiful, you’re so beautiful


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