Thursday, 3 May 2012


These few days, these few weeks, and months in fact, I've been suffering @ surviving from this thing called "unstable emotion". I laugh easily, so do get mad easily. What happened to me?

Sometimes its not that I want to get mad, its just like a common reflex I behave when something is not going the same way as the way I'm thinking and planning and finally, leads me to this one little emotion but gives everyone else(and me too) major impact. What happened to me?

Few seconds after I burst out, I regret. And I wish I was never there and said those things. Not to mention, everytime I burst everything out, it seems to be few little tears on my eyes. No need to ask for the reason behind those tears for me myself can't answer it too. Oh my, what happened to me?

Hrm. I need to have more patience. I need to get out from this stupid unstable emotion. I need to learn to manage stress. I need to do everything it takes to make me normal again.

Or perhaps, I just need to go back to He who made me. I've been too far away from Him lately. I made too many sins yet I still pretend that I didn't do it. Dear Lord, please forgive me for all mistakes I did.

And to people I hurt, I am sorry.


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