Thursday, 15 March 2012


pagi semalam i was all excited bila baca facebook. my brother's fiancee, Yaya akhirnya dah mendapat gelaran Dr. excitednya. tak sabar nak tunggu turn diri sendiri.

around evening, abgkim bgtau yaya's mum baru je habis operation (she had cancer before), and it will be approximately 7 days critical time after the operation. at first it was just fine and okay. few hours after that, abgkim bgtau lagi, her mum was in very critical condition due to shock. i prayed really hard that everything will be just fine. i slept early last night around 10 o'clock sebab sangat penat. i woke up at 5.30 am, read emak's msg, and then terus bukak fb, innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun, Auntie Ana had passed away. directly after i knew that, i wassap my bro, asking if he's ok. he said he was lost. and he said yaya already on her flight back to malaysia with her siblings yg stay kat UK jugak.

i don't really know arwah but meeting her few times, she was among the greatest person I've ever known. she's very kind-hearted person, lovely as any woman could be, and among the greatest doctor i salute. Al-Fatihah to Yaya's mama. my prayers will always be with u.

to Yaya and family. be strong. few years ago, when i failed my exam, i cried like nobody care and told abgkim and then u msg me telling this, "Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…”. i know you know this too right? be strong Yaya. you always have our support, and you know you always be in our family right? again, be strong. we always pray for you.

i couldn't help it but i cried the most when i saw yaya's brother wrote this on his fb,

"i dont know where u're going,
or when u're coming home,
but i left the keys under the mattress of your front door,
for 1 more chance to hold u close, mama.. :"("

Ya Allah, give them strength they need the most right now. i know You know the best. Amiiin.

"Dari Allah kita datang, dan kepada Allah kita kembali.

Al Fatihah to Datuk Dr. Rosnah binti Ismail, 15 March 2012.


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