Friday, 23 December 2011


i don't do revenge.
i scold for your own good.
i am NOT jealous.
i am tired.
i am done.

you never listen.
you never accept.
you keep your problem unsolved.
you keep hurting yourself.
all above just because,

you keep on doing the same mistakes.

you never think about me.
you never think how i feel.
i cant change you.
i don't want to change you.

i just give my advice based on what i think and what i get through before.
and if you don't want to accept
then that one will be your own matter to solve.

just don't find me
when the situation get complicated
because there is always be one time
when someone get really tired
and its not he/she don't want to help you
but just leave you
so that you will learn your lesson.

but perhaps
not to you
because after all
u never learned
and will never wanna learn.

p/s : i dont do revenge. I told you so many times, Allah is fair and karma will always be there.


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