Wednesday, 21 December 2011


kadang-kadang pelik la dengan hidup.

korang tau kadang-kadang aku post something randomly on my blog, my facebook status, or even my twitter, but SOME people just keep feeling that i post it for them and this is what i called "pelik dengan hidup".

is it wrong to post something that suddenly come across my mind? is it wrong?

i admit i sometimes post something with intention to someone. but that one usually i post it OBVIOUSLY. so its okay if people i point nak terasa terasa.

but few times, no, many times, i just randomly post something, and then some people think i point that post  to them. (huh?ayat bahasa inggeris terbaik). For God sake, why kena terasa? i just post it randomly. i didn't point to anybody and why kena buat tu like satu isu besar and then u started to "reply" by post something "randomly" on your status which is at the same time OBVIOUSLY point to me. if really, u think that is "random" status, then why u post it ONLY after i post mine?

well, this is i said as funny. i am funny, you are funny and life is funny in fact.

i just wanna stop this stupid ridiculous thing. don't u see we are acting childish here? yes, WE. because if i'm not, i wont post this issue here. but then, hrmmm, this thing just wont stop. u know why? because just when i write/post anything, u just feel i post it for u.


so, please. stop being childish. you have your life and i have my life. i have my right and you have yours. 

lets just live our lives happily with our loved one. okay?

p/s : bahasa inggeris terteruk abad ini.
     : real life friend and online friend are two different thing. the fact about online friend is : they never meet you, and they never know u in real life.


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