Tuesday, 27 December 2011


2 days before exam, all I've got to say, i don't really like derma. seriously.

i think everything in this department is weird. urgh.

i hate to remember all those pictures and efflorescence because they are all, almost the same. urgh.

i shouldn't mengeluh. its a sin. urgh.

thanks Allah cause give me chance to know all these things. i'm gonna help people with the knowledge You gave me in future. Alhamdulillah.

Tomorrow i got date with khairul fahmi che mat. WOW.

haha. he's coming with Kelantan Team. ada game lawan dengan Persabaya Team (Surabaya). so malaysian students were all invited to Hi-tea with them tomorrow. They also provide FOC tickets and transportation to go watching live game but too bad i got exam on Thursday.

There is one nyamuk keep pusing-pusing in front of me now and I've tried few times to catch with my hand but its useless. the nyamuk is wayyy too fast.

i sembur Baygon in my room once before, but the nyamuk is sangat banyak u knong? so i pasang the ubat nyamuk asap since that is the most accurate ubat nyamuk after all. but now i am sesak nafas already with the asap. urgh.

i made a Puding Gula Hangus this evening. Alhamdulillah menjadi and it taste gooood. i use cikai-cikai punya pengukus i made by myself and i just bought the loyang yesterday. later i post the photo okay.

i'm thinking of making some meatballs IKEA style with mashed potato. maybe this weekend since i'm busy with my final week in derma. lets wait.

i bebel too much tonight. take care everyone.

p/s : emak, i know this is out of no where but if i go back, lets hit some ikan bakar anywhere. i hate ikan bakar kat sini. huhu.


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