Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pain Scale

Ever heard of faces pain scale? here, see aa!

1. one can hurt, even if he/she just smile.

2. actually, one can hurt as mush as u CAN'T imagine, and he/she don't have to be crying to feel that much pain. and that makes 10 points!

3. if one is not crying and just act like he/she is okay, it doesn't always mean that he/she is okay. a person with GCS 111 don't cry and don't smile either(or sometime even smile!), but all of us know, he/she is hurting inside, that is why he/she unconscious.

4. Learn other's emotion, control our emotion and try not to make others hurt, that is all what people should do.

5. Learn to please others today, so that u don't regret later. Life is too short to make people happy, time flies faster than u think, maybe later or tomorrow, they would not be here, maybe just from u, but maybe forever, from all of us, and at that time, remember, REGRETTING IS USELESS.

p/s : appreciate people you love, and appreciate people who loves u. life formula is simple. u just need to LEARN, i repeat LEARN, because after all, u NEVER LEARN and WILL NEVER TO.


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