Sunday, 6 November 2011



just maybe,

just maybe...

you come after you got dumb

you go after your apologize accepted

and then you come again

and go again

and come

and go

and now tell me, how should i trust you anymore?

tell me

dear God,

is it wrong to make people feel easy when they are around me?

is it wrong to be there when someone need me the most? even after what he/she/they did to me?

if it right,

then why don't they do the same?

to always make me feel easy

and to always be there for me when i need them the most

again, is it wrong?

ah, life is complicated

if i want it to be that way

so, just be happy

and make people happy

because after all

my heart...

well, it doesn't matter

not to you

as far as i know

because you know

no matter what happen

i will always be there for you

whenever you need.


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