Monday, 3 October 2011



so... my news today are.....

1. Seminar yang digembar gemburkan itu ternyata dikonfemkan will be held on Macrh 2012, which is next year.

2. This is stupid because i stayed here for 4 days for NOTHING i tell you, NOTHING.

3. If I'm going back on the last Friday, aku dah boleh pi Birthday Party Zahra on Saturday and now, I might be staying at JB with my sister. Again, this is a total waste!!!

4. So I'm going back tomorrow. Surprise? Whatever. This is my last time I'm on holiday for, erm, 6 months ahead?

5. My first clinical rotation will be at ENT(Ear, Nose and Throat) department, or we called it here THT(Telinga, Hidung, Tenggorokan).

6. I still dont get my full clinical schedule. Maybe they'll pass it this week.

7. Therefore, I still dont know when will be my 2 weeks holiday.

8. There is only 2 WEEKS HOLIDAY for the entire ONE YEAR AND HALF CLINICAL TIME. And I'll try my best sneaking out for Aidilfitri's holiday perhaps? hi hi hi. but then, next year will be my last raya in Surabaya, and I never had one here. So, is it possible next year I'll spend my raya here? hrmm. kena fikir dulu.

9. I went to campus this afternoon and found out that koperasi kat kampus tutup. haish. berat nanang. I need new labcoat and on-call baju... I don't have any of on-call baju... mati la kalau first day dah kena oncall. haish.

10. My flight tomorrow is at 0510 and ETA will be at 0845. I already called the airport taxi to pick me up at 0300 in the morning. huaaarrggghhhhh. I'll be heading to TGG at 1245.

Top of it, WISH ME LUCK!


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