Thursday, 22 September 2011


Dear God,

I'm sorry for every single sin I did in my whole life. Please don't punish me this way even though i know i deserve this.

Dear you,

Thank you for every single thing you did after all these while. I appreciate everything and i hope you happy.

Dear you (2),

I know you will never read this. Just so you know that everything you told me before, were so damn right. I'm sorry for everything I did to your heart. Don't worry, karma did hit me back. I hope you're doing well in there. My pray will always be with you.

Dear me,

Please stop whining. You are not a little girl who fight for candies. You're a lady now. You have future to see and to go through. Don't be so childish or i'll cut you into pieces. Please behave well dear heart.

Dear blog,

I'm sorry I made you like a public diary of mine. I never meant to do so. But just give me chances, at least for now.

Dear people,

I'm sorry you have to read this. I never meant to make you read this. This is your choice. So, behave well.


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