Monday, 12 September 2011

almost lover

Spending some moments for things I love somehow ... best jugak. hua3.

This is official video clip from A fine Frenzy

And this is when Jejari Ketot starts playing

10 facts.

1. I learned to play this song from YOUTUBE tutorial videos ONLY.
2. I've never had a proper keyboard/piano/organ etc learning class. mainya ngawur teruuuus rekkkkk!!!
3. This keyboard i bought from my senior, which is the cheapest and very basic keyboard in town, that is why it sounds like that. *sumbang dan menyakitkan telinga kalau dengar live. If anyone here wants to sponsor YAMAHA keyboard, saya sangat alu-alukan. Terima kasih. huahuahua.
4. I'm an amateur.
5. This song is just a chill moment i spent and i decided to record it just for fun.
6. I know my fingers are not in the right position. I told you I've never had a proper keyboard learning session.
7. I know I am fat. Keep your mouth shut.
8. There are lots of mistakes i did, but who cares? again, I told you I've never had a proper keyboard learning session. ha ha ha ha ha.
9. I got the chords from Very useful ooh pasal ada learning session skali.ha ha.
10. I made this video when i was boring waiting for my friend to fetch me to go to my community service base camp back then in July. I never too rajin to make this masa tengah2 belajar.

p/s : I know u'll never read this but I'm sorry lambat upload video ni. Al Fatihah.


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