Tuesday, 28 June 2011

With "Friend", you are INVISIBLE.

I really shouldn't write this. At least not tonight. But can't stand this anymore. Tired of this creature on earth called "friend". Mind the bracket.

I don't want to discriminate anything. But seems that you are the one who started first, so maybe its okay. This is why I hate living in this country. You got friend, they think, you are "friend". Stupid enough.

It seems like my 'I' friends refused to trust me, nor the rest of Malaysian. And when they did, its only because they MUST or HAVE TO.

I know I shouldn't discriminate since few of them really, really kind and nice. But then from my observation, only 3 out of 19 'I' "friends" are nice. The rest? They'll come to you ONLY when they need something from you. 

Examples :
1st case.
We bumped into each other. I looked at her, willing to smile or maybe say hi. But pity me, she just walked straight, not even jeling pon. And then this one day, I just arrived at hospital, walking to the lecture hall, suddenly she waved her hand high, and I smile back. It turned out to be, she wanted a piece of tissue. "Friend" like this? USELESS.

2nd case.
I asked if any of my 19 "friends" if they have any notes @ past year questions, they lied to me, and my Malaysian friends too. They said they didn't have when the truth is they did have. Macam mana tau? 3 from those 19 "friends" told me. And I automatically like, WTF. Few days after that, few of them, came to me, asked if I have this and that blablabla. This is real WTF. Kau tak dapat @ takde, baru reti cari aku!!! Kalau kau ada, bukan main berlagak eksyen aku tanya pon buat taktau. Hampeh.

There are too many cases that I can't write it here. But if you know it, I know you will feel the same. It'll come like this. "MACAM SIAL LA!!!"

Astarghfirllah, bagi la aku sabar Ya Allah.

Friend is important. But "friend", you only be needed when they DESPERATELY have to. But most the time, you are INVISIBLE to them.

Therefore, choose your friend wisely.

P/s : if you want to know who that 'I' "friends" of mine, scroll back to the old post. I blogged about them once. I swear I never want to hang out with them anymore. Shouldn't trust them at the first place. Too disappointed till I can't stop thinking about it. Sigh.


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