Wednesday, 15 June 2011


OMG, really got on my nerve. This bunch of stupid mental retardation kids just won't stop!!!

1. Keep calm. Inhale. Exhale. Okay.

2. Remember, No matter WHO you are in this world, you will not even ONE STEP ABOVE anyone you hina/maki before in akhirat later.

3. Standing and living in reflection of your "famous" or "royalty"(even if you don't have any blood relation with the royals) family, is not bringing you anywhere. People are not looking @ respect you because who you are, they respect you because who your father are. Why do they want to respect @ highly tabik you when the only thing that you are success at, is your bad attitude.

4. Saying as if your life is PERFECT because of those MONEY you got(which I bet NONE of that money is YOURS) doesn't matter to me. But the part of egoism, berlagak, and ungrateful is the one that keep bothering me. God gives you good life to make you grateful to Him, not to make you more angkuh and make fun @ maki @ hina to people below you.

5. Bad attitude leads to bad image. No matter how famous and rich you are, with that attitude, someday you will know how far you can go. With all those spotlights you got, people are not looking at you as a role model, in fact, they are looking at you as a spoil, misbehavior child, which is FYI, is NOT GOOD.

6. Again, all the things you've got today, NOTHING is PERMANENT. I repeat, NOTHING is PERMANENT. Go and tell people how you hate poor people, hard life, etc, but someday IF the earth turns upsidedown, well, I guess, just get ready, because maybe your so called beautiful life will be at the veeerrryyy bottom place compared to anyone else. Good Luck with that.

7. Remember that if God wants to take back all the things u got now, He will, and when He does, I hope you know where to find Him.

P/s : I'm not having any PMS(pre or post), it just... Grrr... Harimau muda. Auuummm.


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