Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Man I Love...

The man I Love is…

Someone who never leave me alone no matter what.
Someone who doesn’t care about my appearance,even if I am fat, even if I am ugly,he still love me the way I am.
Someone who always give me support,no matter how much I fail and how I put him down.
Someone who always ask me if I’m doing okay everyday.
Someone who don’t judge me through my communication skill,no matter how stupid I look when I don’t know what to answer when people ask me question.
Someone who always remind me never to forget God in whatever i do.
And the most important about the man I love is, he loves me back, and he will always do, forever will.

With all my heart to the man I love,


I am blessed to have a ayah like you.i love you and forever will love you(and emak too).

I miss my family,very,very much. :(




thank you very muchooo!

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