Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Thank God I am still alive and I survived pediatric day 1 just now.Thank God too, I survived making my way through a bunch of stupid high school kids...I know y'all just done with your Ujian Nasional (read : SPM),but hey, that ROAD is NOT YOURS!!!and apekejadahnya korang vrooom vroooom vroooom pompompom depan hospital and depan medicine and dentistry campus???see your attitude kids,u r sooooo not gonna make it to join that campus!

Instead of vroomvrooompompom around, why don't u go back home,get change into something nice and go find some good place to eat or chill or whatever it is to celebrate your yeay-baru-habes-exam happiness....if u vrooomvroom around pon,last2 police kejar jugak..takpon masuk ER sbb accident...everrrrryyy yearrr pon macam ni..budak skolah mana pon aku taktau...perangai apekah ini?????

Tamat sudah bebelan di tengah hari.

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