Monday, 13 November 2017



Alhamdulillah for another chance given. May Allah ease the path for the next step(s).

Meanwhile, no more sit back, relax and enjoy. Time to brush my speaking, debating, and public speaking skills. It has been a while since last I actively involved with that kind of activity. I think it was during my matrik time kot. Haha.

Anyway, let's hope I gain more knowledge and confidence level after this. I lost my confidence level a lot during my medical school year though (sebab asyik kena marah taktau macam-macam I ended up menikus kat belakang haha thank God I graduated!).

Till then, please pray for me! Toodles!


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Saturday, 4 November 2017



Alhamdulillah. Done with exam today. Harap-harap ada la rezeki kali ni, InsyaAllah. Work hard, pray hard.

Cakap pasal rezeki, selalu kadang-kadang terpikir. Kawan-kawan sebaya banyak bersungut, bila la nak kawen, bila la nak ada anak, bila la nak itu, nak ini. Well for me of course bila la nak kerja stable haha. But then I came across this sentence while reading somewhere I forgot, so the sentence goes like this, "Rezeki tak pernah tersalah alamat". Personally, I do agree with this phrase.

So the following are the situation that always happen regarding rezeki.  

1. Bila la nak kawen? : This question often asked by my closed friend, most of them were friends in uni. So I told them, look at what you have now. Most of them are doctors, dentists, pharmacists, they have stable job, own car, house, and lovely family. That is their rezeki, atleast for now. Just be grateful, rezeki kawen dapat jodoh baik-baik insyaAllah satu hari nanti Allah akan datangkan jugak. Jangan risau, jodoh takkan terlambat atau tercepat, Allah akan bagi bila tiba waktu yang sesuai. 

2. Bila la nak ada anak/nak tambah anak? : Again, look at what you have now. Most of them are the same cases like number 1. Again, be grateful. Pasti Allah nak datangkan dengan keturunan anak-anak yang soleh. Just keep praying and yakin rezeki anak akan ada satu hari nanti. Jangan risau, rezeki anak Allah akan bagi bila Allah tahu kita betul-betul dah sedia. This is what I keep reminding myself after I had a miscarriage long time ago. And, it helps me to calm and relax.

3. In my case, bila la nak kerja? This sometime makes me pressure, stress and even think that I am not capable of anything, in other word LOSER. I chose to resign three years ago. Of course before that I think wisely(even some think I didn't). But the thing is, qada and qadar happened for reasons. No one knows after few months of resignation, my husband was assigned to sail to Lahad Datu, and when thinking about that, gila ke houseman sorang-sorang kat Manjung tu without even my family around. That is only one reason. So many more I chose not to write it here. However, back to the topic. I don't have a car, a house or even a stable job. But Allah blessed me with a kind husband, and super lovely kids. So this is my kind of rezeki, for now. 

4. The kind of you got all what you want : this usually happened to people who are super duper kind that Allah makes all things easy for them, even if they were tested with lots of challenges. Or either to people who doesn't deserve that but Allah still give what they want to test them. The second one is hell scarier. Hurm.

After all I believe I need to work hard to find a stable job. I did and I pray everyday that Allah will make a way for me. But then if I got nothing in return, I believe Allah's decision is the best. Or maybe I don't really work hard towards it, but one thing for sure I won't give up. And i hope this spirit stays till forever.

Whatever mine and your situation are, lets always believe rezeki takkan pernah tersalah alamat. Rezeki takkan pernah terlambat, tercepat, bila mana Allah kata kunfayakun, takde sape boleh deny. Just keep pushing, work hard and pray hard. Solat dhuha is a must. I pray to all my readers that Allah will make things easy for you too in whatever you do and you want. InsyaAllah, ada rezeki ada la tu - ni ayat favourite Pokcik.

Till then, toodles!


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Tuesday, 31 October 2017



Hari ni panas, sepanas hatiku. Hwahaha. Zaheen lompat dari atas kerusi ke atas belakang aku. Gila sakit belakang aku wuaaaaaaa. Dah la dia baling fish dia belakang rak tv. Naseb ko la fish, berenanglah dikau di lautan habuk.

So... This weekend boleh la claim massage session satu, Pokcik belanja. Anak dia gak kan yang lompat tu? Larikkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Ouh and, perhaps less update from me starting today. Started busy studying again and time to focus to my career life. Cewwah.

Doakan cepat-cepat jumpa taska yang elok and jaga anak-anakku dengan kasih sayang macam taska Zaheen dulu. Ameeen.


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Sweetest Moment


I know I already posted something today but I think I need to post this too so I don't forget it later.

So this morning, as I was sitting beside my bed, Zaheen came behind my my back and hugs me and then he said this, "Zaheen sayang Mommy". 


And I was like whatttt Zaheen cakap apa????? And then he said again "Zaheen sayang Mommy". Awwwwhhhhhh... He was all smiling with her teeth showed by the way.

At the age of 2 years and 3++ months, this would definetely marks a history to my motherhood journey. And of course I turned my face and kiss him back and said, "Mommy loves you too sayang".

I hope he will do this again and again even after he gets married some day. Sobs.


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Monday, 30 October 2017

Hujan dan banjir


Gloomy day today. Hujan all day long. Sejuk je rumahku. Hati pun sejuk. Takde apa yang nak dipanaskan. Hwahwa. Hurm. Terengganu dah start nak banjir now. Menandakan tengkujuh sudah tiba. 

Anyway we went to Pokcik's family dinner with his ATMA Alumni on Saturday night. It was fun and the kids were given a souvenir each one of them. Inside em were notebooks, colouring pencil, balloons and fish pond toys. It's funny to see Zaheen enjoyed a lot playing with the fish pond. And now I am off to fry the fish he caught. 😂


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