Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Anniversary The Third


Late update for our third anniversary. Hwahwa.

Alhamdulillah. 3 years living together with one kid and another one coming soon in July. Alhamdulillah for everything.

So much I've learned from these 3 years. And I hope our love will forever bloom InsyaAllah.

I love you so much husband. :)


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Zaheen at school


Hihi. Pejam celik pejam celik it's almost one year since hantar Zaheen ke taska. So far, dia sangat okay kat taska tu. Dan dia ada this one favourite teacher yang memang dia selesa and sayang. Nowadays dah tak nangis kalau nak pi school. Ada satu ketika masa cuti lama, dia meragam tak nak pi school punya pasal. Tapi now masuk pintu taska pun dah tak sabar. Mommy pun dia pandang sebelah mata je. Siap bubbye lagi. Sobs.

Anyway, these are photos Zaheen at school. Macam-macam aktiviti dia buat. Tu yang suka sangat gi school tu. Now dah pandai one two three, A B C and Alif Ba Ta. Very clever boy. 


Ni masa main apa ntah...

Ni pulak masa main susun numbers...

Ni belajar sebut huruf vokal...

Ni belajar mengaji iqra Alif Ba Ta...

Ni hari ni punya aktiviti. Cari jeli dalam tepung... Last-last die yang bertepung banyak skali. Haha...

Hihi. Thank you Taska Cilik Pintar. Tak sia-sia bayar bulan-bulan kalau aktiviti penuh macam ni and kebajikan terjaga. Pernah juga Zaheen balik kena gigit dengan kawan, tapi biasa la. Duduk taska mana-mana pun macam tu. Natural perangai budak. Haha. As long as immunisasi inject penuh, insyaAllah don't have to worry about Hep B ke apa kalau kena gigit pun. Hehe.

Now will start planning nak celebrate birthday dia kat taska July ni. Haha. Excited lebih. Ye la masa tu perut dah buyung malas nak pikir. Baik pikir sekarang je. Nanti boleh pikir adik Zaheen plak. Hihi.

Till then, bubbye!


Monday, 13 February 2017

Fabulous Feb!


Yek. I'm in KK right now. Just having my second MOGTT done or in other word "minum air gula", which is the most horrible phase some of you need to get through during pregnancy. And now I'm feeling all nausea and high and urghh i hate this feeling. Anyway, my third pregnancy for my second soon to born child so far is doing good. Nausea is normal nowadays and luckily I did'nt have to go through the vomitting phase yet, for now (my vomitting phase started late in my previous pregnancy).

Zaheen on the other side has been a very good child. I think he is ready to be a big brother. Haha. Whenever he see any babies in the house he will just kiss and kiss and kiss and smiling and heeeeeeeeee and kiss again. The worst he would do to those babies is pulling their socks and run away. It's naughty, but it's cute too. My feeling towards Zaheen is really really sentimental nowadays. Perhaps because he's becoming bigger and smarter and handsomer and all better. Every night he will just cuddle me and make sure his body feel mine until he asleep. He's also completely weaning off breastfeeding by now. Well not really complete as some of the day when he's not feeling well, I kept breastfeeding him anyway.

My husband anyway lately is being all caring and romantic (well, not really but adalah up sket kan haha), which is good. And all the transition he is going through now is also good and I hope we will both be a better person from day to day insyaAllah. Just have faith that everything will be going just fine, just like what I pray for insyaAllah.

So... Why is it again a fabulous Feb? Well.... I don't know. Just be grateful for whatever things that happened, alhamdulillah. And also excited to plan for our next anniversary getaway, but blame the pregnancy hormone, I just feel LAZY to move around nowadays. I just want to stay in bed and sleep sleep sleep.

That's all the carutan(s) for today. Wish me luck for another 1 hour and 45 minutes to my next blood taking. I'm feeling dizzy already. Might sleep here as well. Bye!


Tuesday, 3 January 2017



Tetibe je dah 2017. How time flies... Hwahwa... Anyway, welcome 2017!!! And thanks 2016 for the lessons, experiences, etc etc. 

Sama macam tahun-tahun sebelum ni, I never had any resolution. But i think this year I might come with few resolutions. Hwa hwa.

1. To be a better wife, mommy, daughter and muslim of course.
2. To get a real steady job.
3. To always be beside my little family.
4. To teach and guide my family especially my husband to become a better person too.
5. To have a real planning to afford to own a house, my very first house.
6. To love my child and myself more than anyone else.
7. To shoot whoever come in between to ruin my beautiful little family.
(I wish shooting was legal anyway. Wuaaa...)

Anyway, update about my little Zaheen. He grew up of course. Dah big boy. Easily understand arahan simple. Knows ABC, tapi setakat C je lah haha. Senang nak minta tolong apa-apa sebab dia rajin dan suka kalau suruh buat apa-apa. Still breastfeeding, and eats a lot too. Perut buncit gila. Very active. Gigi dah 10, includes 2 geraham baru tumbuh. Rambut masih macam baby-baby. Sangat suka layan nursery rhymes lately ni. Can recognize orang very well. And last but not least, sangat-sangat-sangat manja dengan Mommy. Tido memang kena peluk je, kalau tak pun dia akan menepek dan make sure anggota badan dia rasa badan Mommy. Nak tengok tv atau buat apa-apa mesti tarik tangan Mommy ajak join skali, kecuali kalau dia tengah main benda yang dia tau Mommy marah. Haha...

Anyway anyhow, I wish everyone a happy new year 2017, and best of luck for every single thing you're doing throughout the year. 

Till then, toodles!


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Lost Life


I had a life. Full of blooming flowers. Sunny day. Smiley face. All day long.



Let's just pretend some thing has never happen.

Keep swimming. Have faith.

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