Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Nothing Much To Say


Feels like been ages tak update this blog. I wanted to write so many things, but end up tulis dalam notepad je. Haha.

So many things to write here. But currently I am not really able to do so. Pokcik went to Hawaii early this month, and now off to kursus for few months. So it's just me and the kids here. Lucky my sister willing to stay with us, so takde la sunyi sangat. Alhamdulillah. 

Anyway, if you guys miss me,feel free to folow my food IG. Haha. Gigih tak ada food IG. Dah lama buat but I don't really tell anybody about that. Basically, that IG is just for me to keep my cooking journey. I put most of the recipes I cook there, of course the easy one, yet delicious. Feel free to follow @flavoryheaven .
Makcik-makcik sangat update masak-masak. Haha.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Life Must Go On


So finally I decided to stop sending Zaheen to that school. He's been having nightmares for few nights and started to have a sudden wake up due this his anxiety and panic feeling until we need to cool him down. So I asked for the deposit back since he only go to school for 3 days, and as expected, we got half of the deposit only. Alhamdulillah, but still... We lost RM 350 ++. I take it as sedekah jer la. Hu hu hu. Anyway, actually when I asked the manager there, she suggested to change my plan for Zaheen, which is playschool in the morning, and continue to daycare in the afternoon. But then, she wrote "Tapi tu lah, Zaheen masa tidur je menangis", which makes me feel that she don't really want Zaheen there since Zaheen mengganggu tidur budak-budak lain. Whatever it is, that school made Zaheen phobia even to hear the word "school" and "teacher". Sigh. I need some time to make him feel the excitement of going to school again. Hurm.

Nadzmin on the other hand turns 6 months yesterday. Got his vaccine at KK yesterday, and I too got to do Pap Smear as well. The result will come out in the next 3 months. Hopefully all is well, insyaAllah. Nadzmin started mengesot everywhere now. He loves to eat his hands, minyak telon, charging cable, and the most thing he love is... MY PHONE. And he broke my phone few times already until my husband needs to open up all the screws and fix it. Haha.

Hurm. I have nothing more to update. Just killing my time accompanying my husband doing his works. He's been busy lately since his new boss came in. Back at home at 6pm ++ and after Isya' mengadap laptop atas meja until late night. That explains why Zaheen and Nadzmin especially, become clingy all the time with mommy. Hu hu hu.

That's all for now. Till then, toodles!


Friday, 5 January 2018

2018 and New School


So Zaheen started to go to his new school on 2nd Jan, means tomorrow will be his 4th day in school. However, he seems like he didn't really enjoy his new school. The first day he went back from school, he's smiling and chilling like usual. When i asked him how was school, he said teacher gave him nametag, he ate well, and played too. So I assumed he likes his new school. 

The second day, he went back also smiling. But my husband said he's been saying he wants to stay at home again and again and again and keep repeating the same thing all the way back from school. He played and watched tv as usual after Isya' before he suddenly cried and said "tanak gi schoooollll", after I showed him the pictures which his teacher sent to me. He cried for about fifteen minutes before fell asleep few minutes after I managed to cool him down.

Today, he went back less smiling. As usual I gave him a big hug when I saw him and asked how was school. This time, he cried loudly and keep repeating "Aheen tanak gi school". And the cry remains for almost an hour. Lucky we did plan and decided to go out for dinner tonight to make him forget about the school for a while. He even cried louder when he saw me wearing my proper blouse to go out, because he thinks I'm going to send him to school again. I had a hard time telling him that we are not going to school at night.

So after the dinner, he fell asleep on our way back home. One thing that makes me worry is, he started having nightmare about school. He woke up two times already tonight and cried saying he doesn't want to go to school. 

Hurm. We asked the teacher before if he's okay at school and the teacher said he's okay and ate well. The teacher said sometimes he cried and mention mommy and daddy. He even woke up from his nap this evening and cried loudly searching for mommy and daddy, and his friends then were all awake due to his loud crying voice - which I think it annoyed the teachers and make us as parents feel guilty.

So the question now is, is he ready for school? I think he feel lost because this is a new school for him and I do feel his teachers are a lil bit strict on all the students there. It's weird to see the pictures of a bunch of kids sit down properly, looking at camera, not smiling at all like something is pressuring them to stay still. His past school regularly uploading pictures on their Facebook page, and it's normal to see kids in his age wandering and playing around while taking the picture. But this time, I don't know because it's hard tell. Well of course every school is different. Maybe he's not acting like this in his past school because he was just 8 months old when the first time I sent him, and his cousin Sakinah was there too so maybe he feels less scared.  

Anyway, my husband said the teacher today said this to him once, "kalau Zaheen kutis bibir lagi nanti teacher selotape tangan"- this is when Zaheen kutis his dry lips due to lack of drinking water. It is a normal thing to say, but for Zaheen it is not. He is super duper afraid of the selotape. It's my fault because I used to scare him with the selotape whenever he say and do something bad, even I never really use selotape to do anything to him. But he reallllllly scared of the selotape even just to see it, I don't know why. So I guess, when the teacher - who now he feels like a stranger, scared him with a selotape, I think that is the biggest point why he did act like that today. He feel very scared. Just imagine, he just knew these strangers, had no friend and no one he knows around him and of course he is really, really scared. I know how scared he is that now I feel all teary knowing how helpless he feels at that time. Poor my little boy.

If you ask me what I feel. Deep in my heart, I do feel something is wrong somewhere. But i don't know is it just my feeling or what. I don't know if Zaheen is not ready for school yet, or is he just having a hard time to adapt to his new school and making friend (which I think not really because Zaheen loves making new friend), or the school is actually not suitable for Zaheen, or perhaps Zaheen is just being spoiled because he hasn't go to school for a while now. And actually my left eye has been blinking since Tuesday and I don't even know why. Wallahualam.

Whatever it is, for now I can only pray that Zaheen will have a good time at school and his teachers are patient enough to handle him. I pray that Allah will ease his heart and give strength to my lil boy to go through this adaptation process. I know Zaheen is a one strong and brave boy. May Allah ease us all. Amin.

I miss the smile and laugh at Zaheen's face. :( 

P/s : I need a back up plan. Help!!!


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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Sayonara 2017, Welcome 2018!


So... 2017 will be leaving us in the next few days. Alhamdulillah for all things that happened in 2017, make it the best or worst, I believe all things happened for reasons, and Allah is the best planner after all.

2017 : I am officially a mom of two boys. Resigned from my previous work, and stay with my husband again, Alhamdulillah.

What's my plan in 2018?
1. Pursue study to the next level - enroll in Master course.
2. Find a better job.
3. To always remind myself everyday to be a good Muslim, so that I can be a good wife, mother, daughter, siblings, and a good human generally.

Anyway, whatever my plan or your plan is, let's pray for the smoothness and blessing for everything that we do. May Allah ease us all. Amin.

Till then, see you next year!


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Girl Crush


Ok nak cerita pasal girl crush. Aku ni sejenis yang suka benar tengok orang lawa. Maksud lawa di sini adalah tengok dia beratus juta kali pun tak rasa boring dan position apa pun muka dia orang candid tetap nampak lawa.

Gila takde kerja aku post pasal ni. Jarang yang amat aku buat entry pasal retis. Haha.

Anyway, top 5 persons yang aku ada girl crush on (later aku buka laptop aku masuk gambar skali) :

1. Song Hye Kyo - Beliau ni memang dalam hierarki tertinggi la. Girl crush since aku form 2 lepas tengok cerita Autumn in My Heart. Lepas tu Hotelier, Full House and latest adalah Descendant of The Sun. OMG feeling sangat cerita DOTS tu! Askar kahwin dengan doktor la katakan. Haha. Dia ni lawa gila walaupun kalau google ada la sikit-sikit die buat plastic surgery, tapi tengok muka dia masa kecik pun actually tak berubah mana. Tetap comel and lawa gila cenggitu. Beliau ni juga baru berkahwin dengan Song pemende ntah (tak minat pasal jambu sangat haha), yang juga hero cerita DOTS tu.

2. Syafiqah Aina - Beliau ni baru kahwin. Viral dengan kisah romantik yang super membazir bagi aku (lantak korang ler asal korang bahagia). Namun, wajahnya itu tak pernah bosan aku tengok. Kalau scroll gambar IG husband dia, ada gambar masa dia belum jadi model segala lagi, tetap lawa dan comel. Tapi dari pemerhatian aku, dia memang baiki gigi sket, and eyebrow of course. Nevertheless, dia memang cantik takleh nak cakap apa.

3. Fazura - Beliau baru nikah dengan si Fattah Amin(OMG, why so many girls minat sangat mamat tu, tobat bukan taste aku walaupun dia and family dia aku suka - eh kisah pulak kau pasal family dia kwang kwang kwang). Anyway, bakat Fazura berlakon memang tak boleh dinafikan. Seawal penglibatan dia dalam industri seni negara aku dah follow. Masa aku tingkatan/darjah berapa ntah dia pernah jadi pengacara rancangan kanak-kanak english kat TV2. Pastu dia berlakon filem pemende ntah, Bicara Hati ke apa, kuar interview dalam Wanita Hari Ini. Masa tu semua macam siapakah makhluk ini. Tapi aku rasa nama dia kaw-kaw naik masa filem Gol & Gincu kot? Apa-apa pun dia ni berlakon memang superb macam real dan muka dia tak pernah bosan tengok, walaupun nyanyiannya haruuuu seperti nyanyian suaminya.

4. Dian Sastrowodoyo - Siapa yang tengok Ada Apa Dengan Cinta memang kenal sangat la dengan watak Cinta ni. Gila dia ni memang lawa gila walaupun masa dalam filem AADC 1 tu agak-agak berkarat sikit pasal ye la jadi budak sekolah kan. Tapi tetap comel gila. Ni dah jadi mak-mak pun still lawa. Berlakon pun tiptop. 5 tahun lebih aku kat Indonesia tak pernah dengar sangat gosip liar pasal dia. Well behave and sekali lagi, gila cun dia ni. Agaknya hari hari telan jamu, tak pun telan STMJ. Wakakaka.

5. Norjuma - Beliau ni dahulunya adalah pengacara Nona. Pernah berkahwin dengan seorang ternama dan menubuhkan brand tudung bawal Aidijuma, yang mana masih meletop sehingga ke hari ini. Muka dia memang tak boring tengok. Walaupun lepas beranak anak first viral gambar dia tembam gilos. Tembam-tembam dia pun now dah kurus noksss. Aku jugak masih begini. Wakakaka. Nanti tengok la gambar dia masa kahwin ya Rabbi apa jenis comel la ini orang.

Sekian sahaja lalutan malam hari. Berjumpa lagi kita di lain hari.


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